Actor & Singer Tom Jackson Releases Statement On NeeStaNan Projects

Tom Jackson, renown actor, singer, activist and Executive VP and Strategic Advisor for NeeStaNan Projects Inc. announced today, that the company is spearheading an endeavor to construct a deep-water port at the mouth of the Nelson River, on the Hudson Bay.

NeeStaNan’s First Nation business structure of mutual benefit and collaboration is designed to first create a transportation corridor from Alberta to Port Nelson, Manitoba, enabling the transport of fuel, wheat, potash, softwood lumber and other land locked Canadian resources to the world. This includes servicing and providing green energy to the prairie provinces. The railway will carry goods, and the natural gas pipeline will service a liquified natural gas plant at the port. The planned route of this corridor will run through Treaty 8, Treaty 6, and Treaty 5 territories in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Along with the creation of a corridor, plans are to build an Indigenous owned seaport to service the prairies and provide major freight access to tide water and markets around the world.

“This is a true example of reconciliation”, says Jackson. “First Nations have been conditioned to believe that poverty is normal. No one benefits from that poverty. That’s about to change for the benefit of all.”

NeeStaNan provides an Indigenous solution to a global crisis. Developed to save lives here and abroad, it is a potential catalyst for peace in the Russia/Ukraine conflict, especially as major supply chains of natural resources have been cut by Russia. This new supply chain will benefit Europe and the world, as well as meet urgent needs in Canada.

NeeStaNan will conduct an environmental assessment and social impact study with a goal of long-term export and import access of goods to and from international markets in the spirit of Indigenous economic reconciliation – all critical goals for Canada. It aims to exceed environmental standards throughout its operations with plans to reduce 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

NeeStaNan Utility Corridor Project has been in the planning stages in conjunction with First Nations for five years. Utility corridor studies done by the School of Public Policy and the University of Calgary confirm the validity of the project.

When Phase One of the NeeStaNan construction is complete, Port Nelson will augment the existing port at Churchill and be capable of year-round operations transporting softwood lumber, potash and other products to the world markets.

“Neestanan puts health, hope, humanity, and economic independence for Canada’s First Nations at the forefront, in addition to facilitating access to state-of-the-art housing and potable water. The potential harvest is 80 billion dollars annually for First Nations, and hundreds of billions annually for the country”, states Jackson.

NeeStaNan Projects Inc. looks forward to further collaboration with the Manitoba Government and applauds Premier Heather Stefanson for her government’s insight and leadership.

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