First Day of Fall: Canadian Singer ALEX BIRD’s Ballad to Canadian Thanksgiving

While American Thanksgiving gets a ton of attention and fanfare, Canadian Thanksgiving is arguably the superior holiday. 

Alex Bird, the Toronto-based singer, thinks Thanksgiving is so special, in 2022 he wrote Canada’s first official Thanksgiving tune called “The Sweetest Moments”.

Alex Bird is a JUNO nominated jazz singer, songwriter, and actor in Toronto, Ontario. Alex and his band “The Jazz Mavericks” are working on an entirely new chapter of the Great American Songbook and pushing the boundaries of a beautiful tradition by bringing it into a new era. Bird’s original debut album “Whisky Kisses” (Oct 2020) received glowing reviews, awards, airplay, and distribution around the world, and was recently followed up by his sophomore album, “Songwriter” (2022) in collaboration with Ewen Farncombe. To learn more visit

The heartwarming, nostalgic tune captures the unique essence of Canadian Thanksgiving – including the smell of cool, crisp autumn air and turkey roasting in the oven, two elements that Canadians associate most with the season. The song remains Alex’s most-played song, with over 272K listens and counting on Spotify and is gaining momentum right in time for the first day of fall!


“The Sweetest Moments” can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.