PilGrims in ProGress: Bonn’s Musical Pioneers Embark on a Journey of Sonic Discovery and Artistry in Progressive Rock

Bonn, Germany-based PilGrims in ProGress, the progressive rock / art rock group is destined to discover new sounds and musical possibilities while searching for unique melodies to craft intricately designed songs.

The band’s latest single, “Telegraph Hill”, is an example of what can happen when a group of five guys from four different countries bring their guitars, drums, and minds together, with a common purpose of creating a richly detailed tapestry of melody and music. The tune has guitar tones that carry the listener through the song, like they’re going down a river, while the singer brings them to the very top of “Telegraph Hill”. The pulsing drums and keyboard hums ride tightly along with the drone of the bass guitar, creating a fog of wonder for the road ahead, while the vocals drive it all forward, like a bright lantern at night.

Founded in 2013 by guitarist/vocalist Henning Reyers and bassist/vocalist Dugald Sturges, PilGrims in ProGress is a prog rock group with an experimental, art rock edge, capable of finding the next sound. PilGrims in ProGress includes Guy Manderscheid on drums, who joined the band in 2015, and André Straschewski on keyboards, who has been a part of the band since April 2019. PilGrims in ProGress added another guitarist, Luís Pires, in December 2021, bringing more talent and tones to the strings of the band.

PilGrims in ProGress are five artists from four countries, spread across the world, on two different continents (Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and America), and the group has successfully brought their sound to these places and more.

“Hold Her Like You Mean It” was celebrated in Mexico on El Rocanrosaurio’s INDIE GENTE radio show. “In Small Things Forgotten“ was highlighted by Finnish singer/songwriter Tommi Tikka, in his blog “Music to Celebrate Life”, as Track of the Month, calling it “…an incredible tune with a beautiful, haunting melody, [with] production [much like] Lou Reed and David Bowie.“

Detailed instrumentals sections and cryptic – yet descriptive – lyrics can only take you far away while listening to PilGrims in ProGress, and with “Telegraph Hill”, the newest single and release from PilGrims in ProGress, the second decade of the group’s journey across different rock music appears more clearly than ever before.