Renée Catrine Blossoms with Her Second LP ‘From The Garden’ – A True Alternative Gem of Lyrical Talent and Mesmerizing Melodies

Brooklyn-based artist Renée Catrine has released her latest album From The Garden. The record comes as Catrine’s second LP and follows the musician’s true alternative style all while bringing lyrical talent and head-bobbing melodies to her listeners.

The 11-track album bounces between gritty up-beat rock tracks and soft emotive ballads. From The Garden kicks the door down right from the start with drum-heavy tracks and impressive guitar riffs that take the spotlight from time to time. In this latest release, Catrine experiments with opposing styles and tempos. As the album goes on, it becomes more orchestrated with moodier ballads coming through, one of which is completely sung in French.

This latest record is meant to reflect the abundance of moments we experience and how they differ from one another. Catrine compares this energy to a garden with many shapes and colours which transforms from day to day and is never captured in the same way.

From The Garden’s anthem “Enough” showcases the album’s themes of reflection and perseverance and captures the record’s main message asking listeners to contemplate what is truly enough.

The heights we could rise
If we dared just to begin
How far we could run
If we dared just this time to believe
We were enough

More than the lyrical talent, “Enough” is also made of moving melodies that gradually build up. The single tastefully combines steady light drums and an escalation to string additions and eventually beautiful yet commanding horns.

“The Closing,” the record’s delicate closing song, was thoughtfully placed with the hope of leaving listeners with a sense of peace and comfort as the song trails off. The tracks that make up From The Garden were created in Brooklyn, with the exception of “Les Laurentides” and “Winter Town” which were written in Quebec City.

Having spent most of her life surrounded by music, it’s clear that Catrine’s musical background prepared her for From The Garden. Her talent is showcased in the skill diversity and deliberate musical choices that make up the album. This bold release exudes playful and fun energy while remaining deeply emotive and moving. Pulling inspiration from bands like Arcade Fire and Coeur de Pirate, Catrine’s alternative pop-rock style shines through.