INXS Returns To Sydney To Celebrate A Momentous Occasion, Reaching Over 4 Billion Streams Globally

Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Tim Farriss, Garry Beers, and Jon Farriss of INXS - Photo: Ben Symons

INXS band members Andrew, Tim & Jon Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, and Garry Gary Beers came together for the first time in six years last week for an intimate lunch event in Sydney, Australia, hosted by Universal Music (Australia) and Petrol Records, to celebrate their incredible contribution to the global music industry by reaching an astonishing milestone of 4 billion streams.

“It’s truly mind-blowing that our music has been streamed over 4,000,000,000 times – and incredibly humbling,” Tim Farriss reflects. “I’m grateful I’m not the one tallying them all! Our success can be attributed to crafting amazing songs as a band that’s grown up together, made a pact, and devoted our lives to performing them. This achievement truly demonstrates the enduring relevance of our music to this day.

A special acknowledgment was also made to Michael Hutchence and Petrol Records Chairman and Founder, the late Chris Murphy, who guided INXS’ music globally for decades and ensured INXS continued to evolve and generate new audiences for years to come.

Andrew Farriss shares, “As we celebrate this monumental milestone of 4 billion streams together, we all acknowledge that it’s a feat that would have made Michael incredibly proud, as it does for all of us.

Forty-six years ago, on August 16, 1977, The Farriss Brothers, a band that would soon be renamed INXS, played their debut gig at a house party in Whale Beach, Sydney. Since that day, INXS has sold over 70 million albums worldwide, making them one of Australia’s biggest-selling music acts of all time.

The band has a long list of milestone achievements they have accomplished in the past decade alone, including INXS The Very Best album, surpassing its 581st week on the Australian ARIA Top 100 album chart, which equates to over 11 years in the Top 100 – the longest stay of any album in the current top 100.

Each band member received a unique award crafted by Aboriginal artist Timothy Cook. His artwork features circles to symbolize the moon and the pwanga (dots), representing the japalinga (stars).   The artist and this particular painting were chosen for the achievement award due to their connection to Full Moon Dirty Hearts, which is on the cusp of its 30th anniversary. For more information on Timothy Cook’s work, click HERE.

“Michael’s absence is deeply felt by all of us,” Andrew Farriss continues, “and it’s a common thread and sentiment that’s vividly captured within the pages of Calling All Nations, which serves as a testament to the enduring love for and of our fans.” And that’s not all – the band are set to release INXS – All Juiced Up Part 2, a collection of nine strictly limited-edition color vinyl 12” records. The follow-up to All Juiced Up, a limited-edition remix CD/Cassette that accompanied INXS’s 1994 multi-platinum-selling Greatest Hits album, All Juiced Up Part 2 features remixes of “Need You Tonight,” “Listen Like Thieves,” “New Sensation,” “What Your Need,” “Suicide Blonde,” “Original Sin,” and many more from the band’s illustrious career.


The band, spurred on by their revered long-time manager Chris Murphy, were always proponents of the 12” version, and they even released a collection of their mixes ‘Dekadance’ as far back as 1983. Murphy had the incredible foresight to see that a rock band with a strong presence on the dancefloor could take the world by storm. He was proven correct and ensured they always worked with the world’s hottest remixers throughout the band’s lifespan, including Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, Francois Kervorkian, Peter Lorimer, and many more. The title itself, All Juiced Up, also came from Chris Murphy. All Juiced Up Part 2 was remastered at Abbey Road and will only be produced for a one-time limited edition color vinyl run. The first volume of three will be available on November 10, followed by the two remaining sets being released in 2024.


Virtually all of the tracks on INXS All Juiced Up Part 2 have been deleted and unavailable in some cases for decades. As the collection builds, there will be surprises in store for even the most hardcore INXS fan, and when it is complete, the reverse of the nine 12” records will form a giant image of the band in their prime. Pre-order All Juiced Up Part 2 HERE 


As if that wasn’t enough –  the band recently celebrated the anniversaries of Kick (October 12, 1987), Shabooh Shoobah (October 13, 1982), and Listen Like Thieves (October 14, 1985) and will be celebrating the forthcoming 30th Anniversary of Full Moon Dirty Hearts (November 2, 1993) with a Dolby Atmos mix by Giles Martin that will be released on November 3, along with the HD remastered version of the innovative Album Visual from 1994 celebrating each song visually.