Eric Alper Public Relations’ Artists Receive 27 Maple Blues Awards Nominations

Blues music today continues to be a vibrant and influential genre that resonates with a wide range of listeners. While it has evolved over the decades, the essence of the blues, with its emotive lyrics and soulful melodies, remains as powerful as ever. Modern blues musicians draw from the rich history of the genre while infusing their own unique styles and perspectives. Blues festivals and clubs around the world provide platforms for both seasoned veterans and emerging artists to showcase their talents, keeping the tradition alive and well. In an era of constant musical innovation, blues music endures as a timeless testament to the human experience, offering solace, catharsis, and a connection to the roots of American and Canadian music. Whether through classic standards or contemporary interpretations, blues continues to touch the hearts and souls of its listeners, proving that its enduring legacy is far from fading.

The Toronto Blues Society continues to support and promote Canadian Blues artists by announcing the nominees for the upcoming 26th annual Maple Blues Awards. The winners will be announced on Monday, February 12, 2024 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.

The Eric Alper Public Relations and its family of labels and artists nominees listed below were selected by the Maple Blues Awards Nomination Panel for their outstanding achievements in blues music in Canada over the past year.

Entertainer of the Year
Angelique Francis
Blue Moon Marquee

Electric Act of the Year
Colin James
Sue Foley

Acoustic Act of the Year
Brandon Isaak
Michael Jerome Browne

Male Vocalist of the Year
Brandon Isaak
Steve Marriner

Female Vocalist of the Year
Crystal Shawanda

Recording/Producer of the Year
Midnight Blues
ARTIST: Crystal Shawanda
PRODUCER: Dewayne Strobel

One Step Closer
ARTIST: Brandon Isaak
PRODUCER: Brandon Isaak/Conrad Hillis

Guitarist of the Year
Sue Foley
Tony D (Diteodoro)

Harmonica Player of the Year
Steve Marriner

Piano/Keyboard Player of the Year
David Vest
Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne

Horn Player of the Year
Dan Jancar
Loretta Hale

Drummer of the Year
Matt Sobb

Bassist of the Year
Angelique Francis
Gary Kendall

Songwriter of the Year
Andre Bisson
Brandon Isaak
Crystal Shawanda

Blues With A Feeling/Lifetime Achievement Award
Dalannah Gail Bowen
Sue Foley
Tom Lavin