Nova Scotia’s Rising Country-Pop Star Jackie Putnam Unveils Heartfelt ‘No One Will Ever Know’ from Debut Album The Phoenix

Country-Pop sensation Jackie Putnam from Debert, Nova Scotia, is set to release a brand new single “No One Will Ever Know” from her debut album The Phoenix.

“No One Will Ever Know” was written during the COVID pandemic lock-down, suffering from anxiety of not being allowed to be with our loved ones and not knowing when we would see them again.

Jackie wrote this song in her kitchen, staring out her kitchen window with tears in her eyes. The pandemic felt like the world had stopped…everything was in limbo, and we were all just trying to survive.

“No One Will Ever Know” is the latest addition to Jackie’s impressive musical portfolio. The emotional and captivating single delves into themes of heartache and resilience, showcasing Jackie’s talent for songwriting. Fans can expect an unforgettable and deeply personal experience when they listen to this powerful track.

The Phoenix album was released in June 2023 and features a diverse range of genres, including pop, country, and rock ‘n roll.

When it came to the production of her album, Jackie collaborated with esteemed Canadian musicians, including John Campbelljohn, Bruce Dixon, Kim Dunn, Scott Ferguson, and Ray Legere. These award-winning artists provided their expertise to beautifully complement Jackie’s heartfelt lyrics and melodies.