Wet Future Drops Captivating New Single ‘Mona Lisa’ – A Journey Through Romance and Obsession in Pop-Rock Harmony

Vancouver Island-based band Wet Future unveils their latest heartfelt single, “Mona Lisa,” via Elbowroom Recording.

With sweeping vocals and euphoric nods to pop-rock, “Mona Lisa” acts as an exciting statement in the band’s ever-evolving discography. “If I could have dreams / I’d see those eyes” Sean Lyons sings over towering guitar chords and drum washes. “It’s loosely about this story of Vincenzo Peruggiain, a guy who stole the actual Mona Lisa” Lyons says on the inspiration behind the song. “He became so possessed with the painting that he stole it, and the song became about tapping into the things we become obsessed over.” Fluctuating between romantic confusion and historical anecdotes, “Mona Lisa” bridges modern rock with the tonality of 80s pop-rock.

Continuing to innovate new-found forms of Canadian rock, stay tuned for more to come as Wet Future gears up for a variety of upcoming releases.

Stemming from alternating bands, musical spaces, and the search for a solidified musical craft in the process, the members of Wet Future can all agree that music is the grounding point in their lives despite the shifting internal dynamics it often creates. “I couldn’t stop tapping things when I was a kid,” Miles McLaren admits in his introduction to crafting music. Being forcefully enrolled into drumming lessons by his parents in grade three, his initial urge to not sit still soon became a grounding point for him as he progressed into musical drive. “After a year of drums, I went to bass guitar, and after a year of bass, I went into piano. Music became a strong presence in my life.”

Growing up across scattered parts of Vancouver Island, each band member found musical interactions both a grounding point and a source of excitement within their humdrum environments. “I used to get into a lot of trouble,” Sean Lyons says when reflecting on his adolescent years. “I used to get kicked out of school, I even got expelled, but I found I always excelled within any on-stage environment… I became infatuated with the Beach Boys and The Beatles when I moved to Vancouver after high school. My roommate at the time had introduced me to their music, and from there, I began writing my first songs.” With Sean and Lucas Bosma growing up in Port Alberni, their eventual transitions into larger cities like Victoria and Vancouver gave them a refreshing space to delve into crafting new music.

“Some days I would busk underneath a bridge in Coquitlam until three in the morning because it had such great reverb,” Sean states on his initial move to Vancouver. Brett Attig, who has been playing for a variety of bands consistently since the age of 22 admits that his musical ambitions were also met with financial realities. “I went to this concert when I was in grade 11, and it was so exhilarating experiencing live music. I ran home and told my parents, and they said I should get a job so I could purchase a drum set. I got a job at McDonald’s, bought my first drum set and fell in love with playing.”

Driven with musical ambition, continuously shifting bands, and a thirst for live music, the four members of Wet Future, Sean Lyons, Miles McLaren, Lucas Bosma, and Brett Attig, share a common love for making music. In the height of the pandemic, Sean Lyons and Lucas Bosma started recording the band’s debut album Under the Weather between their home studios. “We began to take the music more seriously at that point” Lucas states, “we often worked virtually, Brett would send back our demo with an added layer on top.” With the introduction of Miles McLaren into the group, the band solidified a new direction to their sound, which can be heard in their upcoming release, “Mona Lisa,” out this November.

Finding music both a passion and grounding point in their individual lives, Wet Future is driven to push new boundaries in Canadian music upon releasing their upcoming single “Mona Lisa”. Stay tuned for more as Wet Future continues to develop new exciting musical progressions.