Gracie Jet: From Nurse to Songwriter, Her Soulful Sound In ‘Sway’ Is A Love Letter To The Past

Singer/songwriter Gracie Jet draws in audiences quickly with her unique, soulful voice. Her piano-driven pop draws comparisons to big names like Adele and other strong female vocalists. Listen to her lyrics and you’ll be instantly drawn in, perhaps laughing and crying over the course of one song. Jet sings about conventional themes like love and relationships, but also includes heartbreaking scenes from what she witnessed during the pandemic, when she was a nurse.

Jet is UK born and now resides in Owen Sound, Ontario. She’s spent years making her rounds through the local bar scene, singing covers of Beatles songs, and Sheryl Crow and Tracy Chapman tunes.

Jet is now armed with an album of her own, ready to launch a career as a solo artist. Lead single “Sway” is what she calls an anthem of her youth. “It’s a love letter to the girl I used to be,” she adds. “I was in a time of my life where I was lacking purpose, always surrounded by people yet feeling profoundly alone.”

Jet hopes the song can be cathartic for people who feel similarly.

Jet calls her family her greatest supporters and inspiration in life, especially her sister Rosie, who is featured in her “Sway” music video as the wise bartender Jet confides in. “I was so thrilled that she agreed to be in this project with me.”

Jet’s emotional fearlessness in her lyrics, combined with a soaring voice, make her a true musical standout.