Why We Haven’t Seen The Last Of KISS

By Mitch Rice

While the band KISS says their farewell tour is the “end of the road for the band, not the brand,” they’ve hinted at what’s in their future: Potential residencies at venues like The Sphere in Las Vegas, cartoon shows, movies, merchandise, avatars and other massive potential for keeping their fans happy and more revenue coming in for decades. Here are 5 reasons why we likely haven’t seen the last of this legendary band.

  • Passion for Performing: If the band members still have a genuine love for performing and creating music, they may choose to continue their musical journey. The joy of being on stage and connecting with fans can be a powerful motivator.
  • Strong Fan Base: KISS has a dedicated and global fan base known as the “Kiss Army.” The ongoing support of fans can be a significant factor in a band’s decision to continue making music and touring.
  • Innovative Branding and Merchandising: KISS has been known for its innovative approach to branding and merchandising. The band’s iconic makeup, costumes, and logo have become synonymous with their image. Continuing to create music and tour can also contribute to the overall brand presence.
  • Financial Incentives: The financial aspects of the music industry, including album sales, streaming revenue, and touring income, can play a role in a band’s decision to continue making music. If there is still demand for new material and live performances, it may be financially beneficial for the band.
  • Legacy and Longevity: Some bands, especially those with a long and successful history like KISS , may feel a sense of responsibility to their legacy and the impact they’ve had on the music industry. Continuing to create and perform allows them to contribute to their musical legacy.

As KISS continues to embody the spirit of rock and roll, they remains an enduring symbol of the power of music to unite, inspire, and captivate audiences, solidifying their legendary status in the pantheon of rock greatness.