Synthetik Blonde Ignites Nostalgic Power Anthem ‘Dreams of You’ – Lead Single From Concept Album ‘PIECES’

Rising Canadian pop-rock duo Synthetik Blonde returns with a fresh new track “Dreams of You,” an 80s-esque power anthem characterized by strong synths, slick electric guitar riffs, and heartfelt lyricism. The track is the first single from the pair’s recently released acclaimed sophomore LP PIECES, a concept album that takes a deep look at the complexities of the human condition while simultaneously rejecting conventional societal norms.

Loved by listeners and critics worldwide, PIECES was featured in the likes of The Vancouver Sun, Record World International, Regina Leader Post, Tinnitist, Cashbox Canada, and Canadian Beats, among others. Driven home by raw female vocals, “Dreams of You” is a track that dives headfirst into the dangerous, thrilling appeal of obsessive love — and the emotional fallout that stems from it.

“There are times in our lives when we fall in love and the thoughts, feelings, and desires for that person invade and occupy the entirety of the mind, even through sleep,” the duo says of the track. “And it can’t be turned off. When you’re falling in love, this is a welcomed experience for most, though for some it can be painful at times to love this deep.”

Synthetik Blonde first exploded onto the scene in 2021 and haven’t slowed down since. The past two years have seen a jam-packed schedule for the duo, who’ve been working around the clock and hitting the studio hard. The time put in has paid off: they’ve since released two full-length projects stacked with radio-ready alt-pop jams and are already gearing up in preparation for the release of their third album, Dark Side of Your Love, due out in 2024. Their work ethic and artistry has caught the attention of listeners and tastemakers alike — Synthetik Blonde were recently awarded Creative Saskatchewan’s Market & Export Development Grant, allowing them to film their first ever music video for “Dreams of You” with renown Saskatchewan filmmaker Aaron Sinclair.

Working alongside Sinclair, the duo put together a visual concept that captures the pure, unadulterated melodrama of classic 80s music videos and movies. Inspired by pop royalty Micheal Jackson, Bonnie Tyler, and Madonna, the resulting music video is both dreamy and kinetic, perfectly capturing the spirit of the song.

“Dreams of You” is a riveting, electric track from a charismatic new duo that speaks to the universal experience of the complex push-and-pull of romantic love.