My Next Read: “The Listening Party Volume 2: Artists, Bands and Fans Reflect on Over 90 Favorite Albums” By Tim Burgess

Sit back, relax, and relive the memories of over 90 more classic albums selected by Tim Burgess from his legendary Listening Parties.

In less than 2 years, tens of thousands of music lovers have pressed play at the same time as legendary musicians to share the communal experience of a Listening Party. Over 1,000 online events, fans and artists – from McCartney to Blondie, Joy Division to Iron Maiden – have shared insightful recollections, intimate conversations and behind-the-scenes revelations. This follow-up to the bestselling The Listening Party Volume 1 gathers together over 90 more of the most essential parties and celebrates the unique power of a Listening Party to connect music creators with listeners. It’s an appropriate tribute to the unifying power of music and how it continues to enthrall millions around the world every single day.