Toni Basil Followed Up Her Pop Smash “Mickey” With A Song About Buying Groceries

Toni Basil’s single “Shoppin’ from A to Z” takes listeners on a whimsical journey through the world of retail therapy. Released with infectious energy, the song encapsulates the thrill and joy of a comprehensive shopping adventure.


A (apple) B (banana) C (chili) D (dog food) E (eggplant) F (fish) G (garlic) H (hairspray) I (ice) J (junkfood) K (ketchup) L (liver) M (matzoh) N (nuts) O (onion) P (pizza) Q (qiuche) R (relish) S (soap) T (tuna) U (undies) V (veal) W (wieners) X (nothing) Y (yams) Z (zippers)