Rhino High Fidelity Premium Vinyl Series Reveals Upcoming Releases Including The Cars, Grateful Dead, Television

Rhino High Fidelity (Rhino Hi-Fi) ushers in the new year by introducing the latest additions to the acclaimed series of limited-edition, high-end vinyl reissues.

Rhino Hi-Fi will release six albums in the coming months, starting on January 12 with Ornette Coleman’s Change of the Century and Television’s Marquee Moon. They’ll be followed by The Cars’ Candy-O and the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty on March 8, and John Coltrane’s Olé Coltraneand Miles Davis’ Tutu on April 5.

The albums will be available exclusively at Rhino.com and internationally at select WMG stores. Each release is limited to 5,000 individually numbered copies and priced at $39.98. Ornette Coleman and Television will be available to order on January 12 HERE.

Rhino High Fidelity continues to set the industry standard for sound quality and packaging, a testament to Rhino’s more than 45-year legacy of award-winning audio releases. To ensure an unrivaled listening experience, all album lacquers are AAA cut directly from the original stereo master tapes by Kevin Gray, while Optimal handles the 180-gram vinyl pressing. The meticulous attention to detail extends to the aesthetic experience, with glossy covers and “tip-on” jackets reminiscent of vinyl’s golden age. Each Rhino High Fidelity release also comes with exclusive content about the album, such as photos and behind-the-scenes stories.

Released in 1960, saxophonist Ornette Coleman’s Change of the Century is an avant-garde masterpiece, showcasing his innovative “free jazz” approach. The unconventional improvisations, lack of a traditional chordal structure, and the interplay among the musicians mark a pivotal moment in the evolution of jazz. The Rhino High Fidelity release features an exclusive insert with notes by journalist Dan Daley.

Television’s Marquee Moon became a landmark in the punk and post-punk genres following its arrival in 1977. Teeming with intricate guitar work, poetic lyrics, and extended instrumental passages, the album not only influenced punk but also shaped the alternative and indie rock landscapes. The Rhino High Fidelity release features an exclusive insert with notes by David Fricke, featuring commentary from band members Richard Lloyd, Fred Smith, and Billy Fica.

The Cars’ second album, Candy-O, helped create the new wave sound in 1979 with its polished pop hooks, catchy melodies, and the sleek production of Roy Thomas Baker. Instantly recognizable by its iconic Alberto Vargas cover, the album introduced smash hits like “Let’s Go” and “It’s All I Can Do,” propelling the album to #3 on the Billboard 200.

A highwater mark in the Grateful Dead’s studio album catalog, 1970’s American Beauty offers a blend of folk, country, and rock influenced by the Bakersfield Sound that emerged in California during the 1950s. The album features some of the band’s best-loved songs, including “Ripple,” “Sugar Magnolia,” and “Box Of Rain.”

Saxophonist ohn Coltrane explored modal jazz and world music influences on his 1961 album, Olé Coltrane. The title track, in particular, draws inspiration from Spanish and North African musical traditions while underscoring Coltrane’s continued artistic evolution and boundary-pushing creativity.

Decades intohis brilliant career, Miles Davis added a significant chapter to his already extensive discography in 1986 with Tutu. The album was produced by Marcus Miller and embraced contemporary electronic and fusion sounds, earning Davis the Grammy® Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance, Soloist).

Rhino High Fdelity continues to tap into Warner Music’s extensive music catalog, bringing music enthusiasts and audiophiles superlative versions of landmark albums from diverse genres, including jaz, blues, rock, pop, and beyond. The series will release two classic albums quarterly, maintaining the same exceptional audio and packaging quality that has quickly defined Rhino High Fidelity.

Ornette Coleman
Change of the Century
Side One
“The Face Of The Bass”

Side Two
“Bird Food”
“Una Muy Bonita”
“Change Of The Century”

Marquee Moon
Side One
“See No Evil”
“Marquee Moon”

Side Two
“Guiding Light”
“Prove It”
“Torn Curtain”

The Cars
Side One
“Let’s Go”
“Since I Held You”
“It’s All I Can Do”
“Double Life”
“Shoo Be Doo”

Side Two
“Night Spots”
“You Can’t Hold On Too Long”
“Lust For Kicks”
“Got A Lot On My Head”
“Dangerous Type”

Grateful Dead
American Beauty
Side One
“Box Of Rain”
“Friend Of The Devil”
“Sugar Magnolia”

Side Two
“Brokedown Palace”
“Till The Morning Comes”
“Attics Of My Life”

John Coltrane
Olé Coltrane
Side One

Side Two
“Dahomey Dance”

Miles Davis
Side One

Side Two
“Backyard Ritual”
“Perfect Way”
“Don’t Lose Your Mind”
“Full Nelson”