Hear The Long-Lost Versions Of “Miss You” And “Beast Of Burden” By The Rolling Stones

The 1978 album Some Girls by The Rolling Stones took on a unique dimension with its 8-track version, diverging from the running order of its vinyl, cassette, and later CD counterparts. This alternative rendition not only featured a distinct track sequence but also unveiled three unreleased cuts that remained hidden until the internet era. Notably, the opening track “Miss You” boasted an additional 50 seconds, “Beast of Burden” stretched about 40 seconds longer, and the closing track “Shattered” underwent a reduction of approximately 60 seconds. These extended versions, now resurfaced in the digital age, offer fans a captivating glimpse into the evolution of the iconic album, showcasing The Rolling Stones’ experimental spirit and the errr…unique charms of the 8-track era.