Heidi Klum Shares New Single ‘Sunglasses At Night’ Produced By Tiësto

Heidi Klum has taken many paths throughout her long career, leaving her mark as a supermodel, businesswoman, fashion designer, host, and producer of successful shows like “Germany’s Next Topmodel,” “Project Runway,” and “America’s Got Talent” in the fashion, beauty, and tech industries for many years. Additionally, she proves once again with her new song “Sunglasses At Night” that she’s always in the mood to sing and dance.

The single, released by Warner Music Central Europe, is also the title track for the upcoming season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and produced by Tiësto. The Dutch DJ, music producer, and Grammy Award winner has given a danceable electronic update to Corey Hart’s 1983 New Wave song, ideal as background music for runway and for those who want to dance with their sunglasses, especially at night. 

I was thinking about the moment in the middle of the night at a party when you have been up way too late, your makeup has melted off, you are sweaty and cross-eyed, and all you crave is a pair of sunglasses,” says Heidi Klum. “This scene reminded me of the iconic 80s hit, Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night. I am beyond ecstatic that I was able to remix and re-record this track with my EDM hero Tiësto. What an honor!“

“Heidi is a great friend so naturally it was a lot of fun to work on this one together! We were hanging out when she shared her idea to remake the original 80’s hit and I wanted to help her on the production! I love how the track turned out and I’m super excited for her and this release.” – Tiësto

“Superstar Heidi Klum covering “Sunglasses At Night” is like a seductive supernova dance explosion on the bright side of the moon!” – Corey Hart

Heidi’s first posts on Instagram already made it clear: The song combines cool beats and sexiness with mysterious looks hidden behind dark sunglasses and an intensely addictive, hypnotic dance beat. This remake of “Sunglasses At Night,” already performed by Tiësto in November at a show in Las Vegas, has the potential to become the new dance anthem. Fans of the “Germany’s Next Top Model” had a taste of Heidi Klum as a singer during the finale of the show in 2022 when she, along with her husband Tom Kaulitz, performed their song “Chai Tea with Heidi.” The track was created in collaboration with none other than rap legend Snoop Dogg but was not Heidi’s first song release. In 2006, her debut single “Wonderland” was released, a Christmas song written for a Douglas advertisement, with all proceeds going to a children’s charity in her German hometown of Bergisch Gladbach.