Australian/Dubaian Rapper BENTLY BOY Drops First Mixtape “DESTINED 2 BE”

Fresh off from collaborating in the track “Alexander McQueen” with American rap heavyweight NLE Choppa – who currently amasses over 18 million monthly listeners in Spotify – Melbourne-grown BENTLY BOY is set up for success with new Hip Hop mixtape “DESTINED 2 BE,” highlighting the Trap banger “SUMMER NIGHTS” as the project’s focus track.

With 10 astonishing singles navigating between a fierce and motivational mood, this mixtape draws on many inspirations. The Australian artist shares: “For this project, I wanted to get more personal with my fans and talk about things I have never brought up before. Love, heartbreak, battling demons, God and the devil, motivation and more of my story and who I am as a character.”

Indeed, the artist has an inspiring background beyond music, overcoming the challenges of street life to gradually rebuild his life. After being born in Iraq, growing up in Australia presented a complex cultural adaptation that strengthened him, and even led him to master Chaldean, Arabic, Spanish, and English. As he envisioned settling in the US to make his dreams come true, BENTLY BOY faced obstacles trying to live in the country, which led him to spend time between Mexico and Canada. This further enriched his cultural blend, allowed him to discover new musical genres, and helped him find the positive side of adversity.

This experience in Mexico motivated him to work 8 hours daily at the studio and write many songs. There, he met up with local artists and producers who shared the same passion for Hip Hop and Trap music as him. Naturally, he started creating “SUMMER NIGHTS” along with Mexican artist F.ever, who joins the track shortly after the first minute, delivering a powerful rap in Spanish. This union expands the horizons of the track, adding a Latin touch and elevating even more its potential.

This single sounds just like those endless warm summer nights beside the pool. As summertime gets closer, deep beats and romantic lyrics characterize “SUMMER NIGHTS”, creating an enigmatic atmosphere:

“Me and you in the summer nights,
I’mma stay cause it feels right.
I don’t know how to feel
when it comes to me and you, baby.”

The mixtape also features other thrilling tracks like “444”, that talks about the process of overcoming internal battles and showcases his determination, ambition, and resilience, or “I’M DOING FINE”, celebrating the artist’s success and self-confidence.

Teaming up with well-known producer Adam H. (DJ Khaled, Ne-Yo and Ray J), BENTLY BOY states that “music is a team sport” and knows who he is playing with. Another powerful figure in his team is mixer Orlando Calzada (5x Grammy Award Winner with credits including Destiny’s Child, Lady Gaga, B2K). In his own words: “I like to receive input from other minds. Collaborators bring a fresh perspective that keeps my music evolving. Working with producers, vocalists, and other artists helps me tap into new sounds and techniques I might not have considered on my own.”

In addition, the artist’s recent collaboration with NLE Choppa in “Alexander McQueen”, a standout track from his mixtape, put him on the global radar. This, along with the rest of the mixtape, positions him as a rising rap star from Australia, poised to make a significant impact on the international music scene.

Now, based in Dubai and with a brilliant future ahead, he is putting all his efforts in crafting a promising music career and nurturing his artistry. Surely, BENTLY BOY’s thought-provoking story, open-mindedness and team mindset will take him to even greater heights.