Calgary Folk Roots Artist Lenny Oka Drives Through The Night To A Hopeful Tomorrow On “Hold Tight”

“Hold Tight,” the new single by Calgary, AB-based folk roots artist Lenny Oka is driving, bluesy, and harmonica studded, an adventure through the dark, starry night.

Hey, I wanna hold you tight, midnight blues
Hey, I wanna hold you tight we got nothing to lose
Midnight dreams, midnight blues again
Midnight dreams here we go again

You can almost picture the mist on the windshield, the atmospheric tunes on the lonely-hearts radio, and the vast, wholly enveloping night beyond the cozy confines of Oka’s car. Who knows what tomorrow might bring, but tonight is a universe all its own.

The lyric “I wanna hold you tight” was inspired by a past girlfriend – the one that got away. And the song imparts a sexy sense of urgency, a sense of stealing away to a possibly more promising future.

The sentiment matches Oka’s decision in 2018 to become a songwriter. “I was bored playing cover songs in Calgary and decided to take the leap to become a songwriter,” Oka recalls. “My music embodies the idea that artistic growth often comes from breaking free from self-imposed limitations.”
Lenny Oka embraces collaborations with other musicians and songwriters on this musical journey. He’s an artist/songwriter who strongly believes that breaking some chains and releasing songs allows one to grow. Lenny empowers his groove by playing with excellent musicians, while also inspiring his collaborators. He blends an eclectic mix of sounds and strives to create feel-good vibes that provide comfort and relief like a good cup of coffee.