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Redhead Mack Band’s “Pick It Up” Reveals the Complex Balance of Doing What You Love for a Living

Some people say think if you do what you love for a living, your job is easy to do. However, this isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. No one understands this more than Calgary, AB-rockers Redhead Mack Band in their new single “Pick It Up,” the first single from their new album You Know That You Want To.

The song opens with steady riffs from lead guitarist Lee Carlson and backup vocalist and bassist Jared Wiebe. Then songwriter and vocalist Kevin Phillips comes in with the first two verses, which discuss picking up something new and then learning to enjoy it. However, the chorus that follows shows how a personal passion can dominate your life once you start trying to make a living from it.

“Always playing catch-up on the people up ahead
Always playing mentor to those behind
Trying hard to keep momentum each and every day
It takes over everything but you don’t mind”

The next verses continue with the unsettled undertone the chorus brought in as backup vocals from Jared Wiebe joins Phillips. They both sing of how a personal passion consumes you until it becomes your identity. Both of them are supported by drummer Ian Fraser Love and a sweet guitar solo from Carlson.

Despite the song’s somewhat bleak lyrics, It mostly came from a place of joy. Inspired by Phillips’ new love of the electric guitar, the song is about finding your “thing”, whatever that may be. He states, “If you find something that makes you happy; that allows you to express yourself; that makes you feel more like you… that’s what this song is about!”

Redhead Mack Band is a Calgary rock band that sprung out of the earth after the Covid pandemic buried musicians in lockdown. Previously folky Redhead Mack singer Kevin Phillips picked up the electric guitar, and, joined by guitarist Lee Carlson; bass player, Jared Wiebe; and drummer, Ian Fraser Love, they started making beautiful noise together, and liked what it was turning into.

Prior to coming together as a hard rock band, Redhead Mack Band released a slew of folk-rock EP’s and singles, and the 2013 album Born On A Time Machine, with a title coming from a line to entice the listener to give the album a try.

After all, the band’s music aims to help people find their own voice and look after each other while working together.

HarbourView Equity Partners Acquires Female Rock Icon Christine McVie’s Share of Fleetwood Mac Recorded Music Royalties

Global alternative assessment management company HarbourView Equity Partners (HarbourView) announced today it purchased the share of Fleetwood Mac’s record royalties owned by the estate of the late Christine McVie – the brilliant vocalist, musician and songwriter who shined as one of the most iconic females in rock history.

Against the backdrop of a male-dominated music industry in the 70s and 80s, McVie’s remarkable contributions as a singer-songwriter and keyboardist, both within the group’s timeless classics and in her solo endeavors, solidified her as an inspiration to countless female musicians and a symbol of empowerment in the world of rock.

A profound presence in Fleetwood Mac, one of the most enduring rock bands to ever exist, and a groundbreaking artist who cultivated a new standard for women in rock bands, McVie sadly passed away in November 2022 at the age of 79.

Through powerful vocals and unique writing, McVie established a distinct foothold in the rock music space with songs like “Don’t Stop,” “Over My Head,” “Say You Love Me,” “Little Lies,” and “Everywhere.” Notably, her contributions to the band’s Grammy-winning album “Rumours” included “You Make Loving Fun,” “Don’t Stop” and the piano ballad “Songbird.”

“Christine’s remarkable talents played an integral role in shaping Fleetwood Mac’s sound. The band’s timeless music and worldwide influence continues to captivate all generations of listeners today,” said Sheresse Clarke Soares. “We are honored to uphold that legacy as we welcome Christine’s lifetime of work with the band into HarbourView. Christine is a decorated and iconic legend in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. She is a global treasure. We hold her works with pride.”

British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac achieved immense popularity and success over several decades and remains one of the world’s most popular bands.

Christine met John McVie while on the road with her band Chicken Shack. In 1968, Christine and John married, and she decided to stop touring and prioritize her family. Christine was often around Fleetwood Mac while they were rehearsing, and as a result knew the parts and contributed backup vocals.

Christine became a full member of the band with the album “Future Games” (1971), and as a member of the band which went on to record “Bare Trees” (1971), “Penguin” (1973), “Mystery To Me” (1973), and “Heroes Are Hard To Find” (1974). Christine McVie was integral in cementing the band’s legacy and icon status.

In 1998, McVie was awarded the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution, the same year Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Christine received a Gold Badge from the British Academy of Songwriters in 2006 and an Ivor Novello award in 2014. In 2014, Mick Fleetwood called Christine and asked if she would consider re-joining the band. In response to Mick’s invitation, she went on stage, after having left the band 15 years earlier, to perform “Don’t Stop” as the encore at Fleetwood Mac’s concert at the O2 in London. She was overwhelmed by the response from the audience, which lead her to reunite with Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie.

In 2014, the band started the “On With The Show” tour and continued touring for the next 5 years. They toured all over the world and the last Fleetwood Mac show was at the end of 2019. During this time, the definitive Fleetwood Mac compilation album “50 Years: Don’t Stop” was released.

Christine’s last appearance on stage was at the London Palladium for the “Celebrate the Music of Peter Green” concert on February 25, 2020.

Christine McVie and Fleetwood Mac’s music continue to have an indelible mark on the global music landscape and will be cherished by fans for generations to come.

Fox Rothschild served as legal counsel to HarbourView in this transaction. Christine McVie’s estate was represented by Christine’s longtime attorney Mario Gonzalez, and by the executers of her estate, Paul Glass and Martin Wyatt, Mr. Glass was Christine’s business manager for decades, and Mr. Wyatt was her personal manager for many years. “I found the people at Harborview and their lawyers at Fox Rothchild to be professional, straightforward, and a pleasure to deal with,” said attorney Gonzalez. “Christine’s music will live forever.” Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

HarbourView is a multi-strategy, global investment firm focused on investment opportunities in the entertainment and media space. The firm’s distinctly diverse portfolio features thousands of titles spanning numerous genres, eras, and artists, amounting to a diversified catalog of ~24,000+ songs across both master recordings and publishing income streams.

The company strives to be the standard for excellence and integrity in investing in assets and companies driven by premier intellectual property, with experience in and around esoteric asset classes, including in music, film, TV, and sports.

Patty Loveless, Bob McDill and Tanya Tucker Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame

This weekend, Patty Loveless, Bob McDill and Tanya Tucker became the 150th, 151st and 152nd members of the Country Music Hall of Fame as they were formally inducted during a star-studded Medallion Ceremony in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s CMA Theater.

Loveless, McDill and Tucker received country music’s highest distinction and were honored with heartfelt remarks and inspired performances of songs associated with their careers.

It was an evening in honor of “three gifted people who came from small towns in the hinterlands,” said Kyle Young, CEO of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. “Each of these honorees has left a deep and distinctive stamp on our music, now to be forever enshrined in this Hall of Fame.”

Bob McDill — the fastidious songwriter who penned dozens of #1 country hits, including “Amanda,” “Don’t Close Your Eyes” and “Song of the South” — was the first to be recognized in the ceremony. Young told the audience of a music-obsessed kid from Beaumont, Texas, who came to Nashville in 1970 with hopes of becoming a successful folk singer-songwriter. Instead, he soon discovered the power and beauty of country music — and his gift at telling stories within the genre.

Along with his talents, McDill’s work ethic set him apart on Music Row. He approached songwriting like a 9-to-5 job, with the goal of finishing just one song each week. “For 30 years, no songwriter in Nashville was more meticulous, more patient and careful, in crafting finely tuned songs,” Young said.

The night’s first performer, Charley Crockett, sang McDill’s “Louisiana Saturday Night,” which went up the charts in 1981, three years before Crockett was born. McDill’s friend and collaborator Dean Dillon — who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021 — performed “All the Good Ones are Gone,” a Pam Tillis hit he and McDill penned together. Jamey Johnson tackled a masterpiece — McDill’s love letter to the South, “Good Ole Boys Like Me,” and went above and beyond in his solo acoustic performance, illuminating the song’s enduring beauty while giving it new life.

McDill was formally inducted by songwriting friend and Country Music Hall of Fame member Don Schlitz.

“Good ole boys like him? There’s only one,” he said. “And his songs whisper in our ears like the soft Southern wind through the live oak trees.”

Once his Hall of Fame plaque — which will hang alongside those of the other inductees in the museum’s rotunda — was unveiled, McDill joked about coming to Nashville more than a half-century ago “in a covered wagon.”

After acknowledging the friends and family members who had helped him along, he left the audience with few pieces of lighthearted wisdom, along with a quote from Henry Mancini. Once asked where he got his inspiration, the famed Hollywood composer replied, “Every day, at 9 a.m., at the piano.”

When Patty Loveless was growing up, Young told the audience, “She always wanted to sound like her heroes…Today, artists say they want to sing like Patty Loveless.”

The Kentucky native’s powerful, mountain-bred voice is among the most admired in country music. On Sunday, she was also one of the world’s greatest audience members. From the back of the house, you could see her lifting her hands high to applaud from her seat in the front row.

Her journey to that moment, Young explained, began in Kentucky with her older brother, Roger Ramey, who performed in a band with his teenage sister, and more than once brought her to Nashville to be discovered. Their dream came true in 1985, when her demo tape reached producer Tony Brown. Though she earned acclaim from her early releases, Loveless didn’t hit her commercial peak until the 1990s, scoring platinum albums, awards, and massive hits such as “Blame It on My Heart.” In the early twenty-first century, she embraced bluegrass and other traditional sounds on two critically praised albums, Mountain Soul and Mountain Soul II, before largely retiring to Georgia with her husband and producer, Emory Gordy Jr.

All three of Loveless’s musical tributes came from friends, though some were more surprising than others. One of her longtime backing musicians, fiddler Deanie Richardson, teamed up with her bluegrass bandmates in Sister Sadie to perform “Sounds of Loneliness,” a song Loveless wrote and included on that fateful demo tape.

Next, rock veteran Bob Seger took the stage to a stunned room — and Loveless was stunned right along with them. Some 20 years ago, he flew down to Georgia to record a duet with Loveless for one of his albums. On Sunday, he belted out her 1996 Top Five country hit “She Drew a Broken Heart.”

The final tribute performance for Loveless was likely not a big surprise to most in attendance, but that didn’t make it any less perfect. Longtime friend, collaborator and fellow Hall of Famer Vince Gill did tender justice to her ballad “Lonely Too Long,” and then was called on to formally induct Loveless, whom he described as “the little sister I’d always wanted to sing with.”

Gill remembered the first time he met Loveless — in 1985, she came to his meet-and-greet booth at Fan Fair, and told him, “We’re gonna sing together some day.”

“And boy, did we,” Gill told the audience.

Next, it was Loveless’s turn to take the stage. She thanked those who performed her songs in tribute—even urging them to record their own versions. “But going back over all the years, the one person I wish, truly, could be here with me tonight is my brother Roger Ramey. This was always a dream of ours as young kids, coming to Nashville.”

She recalled going to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum decades ago, when it was still off of Music Row. “It just felt so comforting to walk among those [plaques]. And to be a part of that now, it truly is an honor.”

Even alongside lifelong musicians like McDill and Loveless, Tanya Tucker’s journey to the Hall is the one that has truly taken a lifetime. The Texas-born singer was just 13 when her debut single, “Delta Dawn,” made her a star. She didn’t just possess talent beyond her years, but toughness, too.

“That 13-year-old girl walked into the studio on that March morning,” Young recalled of the “Delta Dawn” session. “(She) put her hands on her hips, looked around at the assembled A-Team musicians, and said, ‘Well, boys, I know my part. Do you know yours?'”

That bravado would come in handy more than once over the next 50 years, through Tucker’s ups and downs in the music industry, as well as her frequent travails in the tabloids. She’d been written off by the time she was 25, only to sign a new record deal with the Capitol label and score two dozen hit singles through the 1980s and ’90s. In 2019, she enjoyed another resurgence with the album While I’m Livin’, which earned her the first two Grammy awards of her career.

Fittingly, her musical tributes spanned that 50-year journey. 2021 Hall of Fame inductee Wynonna (who also entered the music industry at young age) sang “Delta Dawn.” Jessi Colter — a groundbreaking female iconoclast in country music just like Tucker — teamed up with Margo Price to sing Tucker’s strutting uptempo hit “A Little Too Late.”

“Isn’t she the toughest?” Colter asked rhetorically. “She can do anything, so it’s hard to sing any song she’s sung. Especially with the gyrations!” As luck would have it, Colter and Price would get an assist in that department from Tucker herself. At Colter’s urging, the inductee got up on stage to dance and sing along.

Tucker’s final tribute came from Americana star Brandi Carlile, who co-produced While I’m Livin’ with Shooter Jennings. Before singing “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane,” Carlile thanked Tucker for carving a path for “every tough little girl with a story to tell.”

“God gave you to me!” Tucker shouted to Carlile from the front row.

“God gave you to me too, T,” she replied.

By song’s end, Tucker was once again onstage, embracing her friend and delivering the song’s final line: “Love says they will.”

Afterwards, Tucker was formally inducted by two Hall of Fame members and kindred spirits, Brenda Lee and Connie Smith. “She is who she is, and you have to respect that,” Lee said.

“I look back on these 52 years, and it’s hard to make sense of it all,” Tucker said from the podium. “But it doesn’t really make sense.” Then she added, “If we lived in a world that made sense and was logical, it would be a man who rode side saddle,” to much laughter and applause.

“I know there’s so many people that I’m not gonna be able to thank, because we ain’t got enough time,” she said. “But I will say, like my friend Roger Miller used to say, ‘You see a turtle on a stump, you know he didn’t get there by himself.'”

The ceremony concluded, as it traditionally does, with a performance of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” an audience singalong led in rousing, soulful style by Wynonna.

Produced by the staff of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the annual Medallion Ceremony celebrates the unique talents, personalities and backgrounds of each Hall of Fame inductee, as well as the important turning points and the breakthrough artistic achievements that defined their careers. The ceremony includes speeches, live musical tributes and original video biographies, created by the museum staff using recorded performances, past televised interviews and historic photos culled from materials in the museum’s Frist Library and Archive. The ceremony is made possible in part by underwriting from the Country Music Association and other contributors. The official 2023 Class Medallion Ceremony playlist is available here.

Michael Bublé Announces The Launch Of Fraser & Thompson Whiskey

Today, Grammy-winning, multi-platinum superstar, Michael Bublé, announces the launch of Fraser & Thompson, his new whiskey brand in partnership with longtime friend and award-winning Master Distiller and Blender Paul Cirka. Michael took to social media to share the news, as if a project three years in the making could come together with just the push of a button. The plan is to support the brand with an integrated marketing campaign to be announced soon, assuming Michael has enough time within his schedule of touring, squeezing in a mid-day nap, and knotting the perfect bow tie (it’s harder than it looks).

This North American Whiskey – a first for the whiskey category, brought to market by fast-growing spirits incubator WES Brands – blends and bottles Canadian Whiskies with Kentucky Bourbon in Bardstown, KY.

This whiskey is a triumph, an achievement, the product of years of hard work and collaborative efforts involving dozens of beverage alcohol professionals, yet we haven’t received much more than a winking emoji from Mr. Bublé when asked how we should advertise it. It strikes us as supremely ironic that a guy with such an extensive catalog of music has mastered radio silence. We toyed with the idea of constructing an attractive, well-dressed scarecrow stuffed with hay next to a tape recorder playing “Haven’t Met You Yet,” but the coincidental sentiment felt too on-the-nose for our marketing team, whose calls keep getting bounced between assistants. Through the grapevine, we hear that it’s “fine :),” “everything will work out” and “have you tried meditating?”

At some point, from somewhere, he released this very nice statement that we’d like to share with you now:

“I spent many summers with my grandfather at the confluence of the Fraser and Thompson rivers in British Columbia,” said Fraser & Thompson founder Michael Bublé. “When I heard Paul’s vision for creating a new kind of whiskey, I knew instantly what I wanted to call it. For the last three years, we worked together to perfect a whiskey blend that is equally elegant and approachable. We can’t wait to pour you a glass!”

Isn’t that great? As if Michael is just the salt of the earth, sitting on a porch somewhere talking to the neighbors, and pouring you a glass of his smooth, delicious whiskey? This overbooked, overextended, sentient tuxedo of a man is thousands of miles away telling us, “Easy, now,” like he’s gone fishin’ instead of playing sold out shows in a new city every night.

Regardless of any personal feelings for this still-buffering campaign, Fraser & Thompson is genuinely fantastic. The creative blending process curated by award-winning Master Distiller and Blender Paul Cirka, co-founder of the brand with Bublé, sets Fraser & Thompson apart. Cirka hand-selected aged liquid to blend into an inviting whiskey, with sweet fig and blood orange on the nose, and a subtle finish of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice.

I mean, sure, we have one of the best voices of our time as a face for this campaign, but we could let the whiskey speak for itself, I suppose. And this Cirka character sounds like an upstanding guy.

“Michael and I bonded over our shared passion for whisky, and wanted to create a blend that was flavorful but more light-hearted than the category at large can be known for,” says Fraser & Thompson co-founder and Master Distiller and Blender Paul Cirka. “We stumbled upon creating something new for the category, a blended North American Whisky. I would be delighted if you would call my personal cell and I can explain everything about this beautiful whisky: (929) 867-7490.”

Well, there you have it. I guess we just launched Fraser & Thompson. Tell the concierge at Michael’s hotel to pass along a thumbs up from us so we don’t interrupt his beauty sleep. We wouldn’t want to harsh Mr. Bublé’s mellow.

Fraser & Thompson North American Whiskey is blended and bottled by Heaven Hill in Bardstown, KY. The brand is sold in 750ml bottles at 42% ABV and is available in limited quantities in the U.S. and select international markets, including Canada, for $29.99, as well as on ReserveBar. And by “limited,” we mean “limited,” as we don’t yet have enough product produced at the time of this announcement to sell into most major markets. I think this is an issue, but when I raised it with Michael, his response was, “You’re welcome.”

This should be interesting.

John Mayer Launches Exclusive SiriusXM Channel

SiriusXM announced today that seven-time GRAMMY Award winning singer, songwriter, John Mayer, will launch an exclusive year-round SiriusXM channel, Life With John Mayer, in November. Mayer is creating a channel defined not by genre, but by the time of day, as well as the day of the week. Life with John Mayer will be a musical experience hand-selected by the guitarist and songwriter and an ever-evolving world of music built from Mayer’s classics, collaborations and never-before-heard material blended in with the music he loves.

Life With John Mayer, will be curated and presented by Mayer. SiriusXM’s newest 24/7 channel will be available to subscribers across North America in their cars on channel 14 or anywhere they go with the SiriusXM app. The exclusive year-round channel joins SiriusXM’s artist channel lineup which includes The Beatles Channel, The Grateful Dead Channel, Pearl Jam Radio, Drake’s Sound 42, and more.

“I’ve had a dream over the last several years to create a dynamic, real-time music channel that focuses less on genre and more on our changing emotional states throughout the days and weeks,” said John Mayer. “It’s a highly ambitious project, and SiriusXM is the perfect partner to build this experience with. I look forward to creating and fostering a sense of community through this channel, and shining a light on what music does best – providing the soundtrack to our lives.”

“Life with John Mayer will be a showcase for John’s exceptionally deep love of music. He is very engaged in every aspect of this channel and has an exciting vision for what our listeners will experience when they listen. To have a musician as brilliant as John creating and curating a daily soundtrack for all of us is very special, and we’re honoured and proud that John has chosen SiriusXM as the place where his fans can share this musical experience with him,” said Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s President and Chief Content Officer.

There’s nobody quite like John Mayer. He has emerged as a GRAMMY® Award-winning artist, celebrated songwriter, and iconic guitar player all at once. The Bridgeport, CT native introduced himself on the quintuple-platinum Room For Squares in 2001 and has earned three #1 debuts on the Billboard Top 200 with the triple-platinum Heavier Things [2003], double-platinum Battle Studies [2009], and gold Born and Raised [2012]. In addition to selling over 20 million albums worldwide and gathering billions of streams to date, he has garnered seven GRAMMY® Awards, including “Song of the Year” for “Daughters,” and has earned a record seven U.S. No. 1s on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart and 25 entries on the Hot Rock Songs chart, the most for any solo artist. In 2015, Dead & Company was founded, with Mayer on lead guitar as well as vocals. Since its formation, the band has completed 10 tours, performing to more than four million fans across 235 shows, and has become a record-breaking stadium act. In addition, $13+ million has been raised to support non-profits and environmental and social causes. In 2021, Sob Rock, Mayer’s eighth studio album was released to critical acclaim featuring the hits, “Last Train Home” and “Wild Blue.” Check Johnmayer.com for more information.

Noah Kahan Covers Olivia Rodrigo’s “lacy” In The BBC Live Lounge

Noah Kahan is joined by Tiny Habits to perform a cover version of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘lacy’ in the Live Lounge for BBC Radio 1.

Songwriters Hall Of Fame 2024 Nominees For Induction Announced

The Songwriters Hall of Fame has announced its slate of nominees to be voted upon for induction at its 2024 Induction & Awards Gala in New York City.

The Songwriters Hall of Fame is dedicated to recognizing the work and lives of those composers and lyricists who create music around the world. A songwriter with a notable catalog of songs qualifies for induction 20 years after the first significant commercial release of a song. Eligible voting members will have until midnight EST on December 27, 2023 to turn in ballots, with their choices of three nominees from a songwriter and three from a performing songwriter categories.

The nominees, with five songs selected by the Hall of Fame as a representative sample of their catalogs, are:


Bryan Adams – *(Everything I Do) I Do It For You * Heaven * All For Love * Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? * Summer of ’69 *

Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings – * These Eyes * American Woman * Laughing * No Time * No Sugar Tonight *

Debbie Harry, Chris Stein & Clem Burke p/k/a Blondie – * Call Me * Heart of Glass * Rapture * One Way or Another * Sunday Girl *

Tracy Chapman – * Fast Car * Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution * Give Me One Reason * Baby Can I Hold You * Sing For You *

George Clinton – * Atomic Dog * Flashlight * (Not Just) Knee Deep,* P-Funk * Give Up The Funk *

Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons & Michael McDonald p/k/a Doobie Brothers – * Listen To The Music * Long Train Runnin’ * What A Fool Believes * China Grove * Black Water *

David Gates – * Everything I Own * Make It With You * Baby I’m-a Want You * The Guitar Man *If *

Ann Wilson & Nancy Wilson p/k/a Heart – * Barracuda * Crazy On You * Dog And Butterfly * Straight On * Even It Up *

Kenny Loggins – * Danny’s Song * Footloose * Celebrate Me Home * Return To Pooh Corner * What A Fool Believes *

Carlton Douglas Ridenhour p/k/a Chuck D, William Jonathan Drayton p/k/a Flavor Flav, p/k/a Public Enemy – * Fight The Power * Bring The Noise * Don’t Believe The Hype * Can’t Truss It * Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos *

Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills & Michael Stipe, p/k/a R.E.M. – * Losing My Religion * Everybody Hurts * It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) * Radio Free Europe * The One I Love *

Donald Fagen & Walter Becker (d) p/k/a Steely Dan – * Reelin’ in the Years * My Old School * Rikki Don’t Lose That Number * Black Friday * Kid Charlemagne *


L. Russell Brown – * Sock It To Me – Baby! * Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree * C’Mon Marianne * Knock Three Times * Use It Up and Wear It Out *

Dean Dillon – * Tennessee Whiskey *Ocean Front Property * Here For A Good Time * The Chair * I’m Alive *

Dennis Lambert & Brian Potter – *Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I’ve Got) * Don’t Pull Your Love * Nightshift * One Tin Soldier (Theme from Billy Jack) * We Built This City *

Hillary Lindsey – * Jesus Take The Wheel * Blue Ain’t Your Color * Girl Crush * Always Remember Us This Way * Million Reasons *

Tony Macaulay – * Baby Now That I’ve Found You * Build Me Up Buttercup * Don’t Give Up On Us * Last Night I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All * Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) *

Timothy Mosley p/k/a Timbaland – * Sexy Back * Get Yer Freak On * Pony * Big Pimpin’ * The Way I Are *

Roger Nichols – * We’ve Only Just Begun * Rainy Days and Mondays * I Won’t Last A Day Without You * Out In The Country * Times Of Your Life *

Dean Pitchford – * Footloose * Fame * Holding Out For A Hero * All The Man That I Need * Let’s Hear It For The Boy *

Maurice Starr – * Candy Girl * I’ll Be Loving You (Forever) * Is This the End * Step By Step * Popcorn Love *

Narada Michael Walden – * How Will I Know * Freeway of Love * Who’s Zoomin’ Who * I Don’t Wanna Cry * I Shoulda Loved Ya *

Buffy Sainte-Marie Statement on CBC’s The Fifth Estate

Buffy Sainte-Marie statement:

I want to begin by thanking the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the honour. As one of the most prestigious awards in the global entertainment industry, it is a true recognition of the outstanding team who worked on my story – the true story of my life.

I’ve always believed it takes rain and sunshine to bring a rainbow. This great honour does indeed come after the rain – as I continue to absorb and process the recent attack on my character, life and legacy. It’s a deep wound to my inner child, but as an 82-year-old now, I’m strong – and these allegations do not shake me.

Now it is time for me to shine a light on the truth, my truth.

I have never lied about my identity. The more I’ve known, the more I’ve pieced together a sense of self from what information has been available to me.

What I know about my Indigenous ancestry I learned from my growing up mother, who was of Mi’kmaq heritage, and my own research later in life. My mother told me that I was adopted and that I was Native, but there was no documentation as was common for Indigenous children at the time.

When I grew up, I was adopted into a Cree family by Emile Piapot (son of Chief Piapot, Treaty 4 Adhesion signatory), and Clara Starblanket Piapot (daughter of Chief Starblanket, Treaty 4 signatory), in accordance with Cree law and customs. They were kind, loving, and proud to claim me as their own. I love my Piapot family and am so lucky to have them in my life.

I have always struggled to answer questions about who I am. For decades, I tried to find my birth parents and information about my background. Through that research what became clear, and what I’ve always been honest about: I don’t know where I’m from or who my birth parents are, and I will never know. Which is why, to be questioned in this way is painful, both for me, and for my two families I love so dearly.

My Indigenous identity is rooted in a deep connection to a community which has had a profound role in shaping my life and my work. For my entire life, I have championed Indigenous, and Native American causes when nobody else would, or had the platform to do so. I am proud to have been able to travel the world, sharing Indigenous stories. I have always tried to bridge gaps between communities and educate people to live in love and kindness.

This is my truth. And while there are many things I do not know; I have been proud to share my story – as I know it – throughout my life.

The attack on my character is full of mistakes and omissions. While I will not stoop to respond to every false allegation, I feel it is important to clarify two things.

First, the central proof used to question my identity is a story fabricated by my abuser and repeated by two members of my estranged family I don’t even know. This has been incredibly re-traumatizing for me and unfair to all involved. It hurts me deeply to discover that my estranged family grew up scared of me and thinking these lies because of a letter I sent intended to protect me from further abuse from my brother. I want to be clear, I do not blame them. They, of course, want to believe their father. I have evidence I was sexually abused by my brother, but I can’t tolerate discomforting his children even more. I wish them only the best and hope they move forward from this and find peace, as I am trying to do.

The second is my “birth certificate”. As many Indigenous people know, and the National Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation of Canada has stated, it was common for birth certificates of Indian children to be “created” by western governments after they were adopted or taken away from their families. So it was quite shocking to me to hear a city clerk say she had 100% confidence in its authenticity. I have never known if my birth certificate was real. I have used it because it was the only document I’ve had my whole life. I’ve heard from countless people with similar stories – who do not know where they are from and feel victimized by these allegations and one-sided reporting as I do.

Most importantly, this is my life – I am not a piece of paper. I am a product of both my families and all my experiences in this world.

If you are a pure-blood documented something, I’m glad for you. It’s awesome and beautiful to hear you speak your lineage, history and genealogy. But even if your documentation says you’re racially pure, you might miss the point. Being an “Indian” has little to do with sperm tracking and colonial record keeping: It has to do with community, culture, knowledge, teachings, who claims you, who you love, who loves you, and who’s your family.

With respect and love.

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Uncovering the Latest Trends in New Online Casinos: What to Look for in 2023

By Mitch Rice

Are you on the lookout for exciting new online casinos that offer a fresh and innovative gambling experience? In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the latest trends in new online casinos and provide valuable insights on what to look for in 2023. Finding the right online casinos is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable gambling experience. So, let’s dive into the dynamic world of online gambling and explore the trends that are reshaping the industry.

Growing Popularity of New Online Casinos

As technology advances, more and more players are gravitating towards new online casinos. These casinos offer modern design, cutting-edge features, and unique gaming experiences that captivate players. Finding new casinos has become increasingly important to ensure players choose trustworthy and reputable platforms. It’s crucial to select a casino that not only embraces innovation but also prioritizes player safety and security.

Trend 1: Gamification and Interactive Elements

One of the most exciting trends in new online casinos is the incorporation of gamification and interactive elements. Casinos are transforming the traditional gameplay experience by introducing missions, achievements, and rewards. By engaging in these interactive elements, players can earn points, level up, and unlock exclusive bonuses. Look out for recommended new casinos that excel in implementing gamification features, as they enhance player engagement and create a more immersive environment.

Trend 2: Mobile-Friendly Design and Apps

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile compatibility has become a must-have feature for online casinos. New online casinos are prioritizing mobile-friendly design and developing dedicated casino apps. Playing on-the-go has never been easier, allowing players to access their favorite games anytime, anywhere, as if they were tuning into their favourite songs on demand.  When searching for online casinos, ensure they have well-designed mobile platforms and user-friendly apps to provide a seamless gaming experience on mobile devices.

Trend 3: Integration of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in the online gambling industry, and new online casinos are embracing this trend. The integration of cryptocurrencies as payment methods offers several advantages for players. Transactions are faster, more secure, and can provide anonymity. Additionally, some new casinos offer exclusive crypto promotions. When seeking recommended new casinos, consider those that support cryptocurrencies to take advantage of these benefits and enjoy a cutting-edge gambling experience.

Trend 4: Live Casino Evolution

Live dealer games have revolutionized the online casino industry, providing an immersive and authentic gambling experience. New online casinos are continuously improving their live casino offerings by leveraging advanced technology and enhanced streaming capabilities. Playing live casino games allows you to interact with professional dealers in real-time and enjoy the thrill of a land-based casino from the comfort of your home. Look for recommended casinos that provide top-quality live casino experiences to elevate your gameplay.

Trend 5: Personalized Bonuses and Rewards

To cater to individual player preferences, new online casinos are adopting personalized bonus and reward systems. These casinos offer tailored incentives based on players’ gaming habits, providing a more rewarding and satisfying experience. When searching for casinos online, prioritize those that offer generous and customized bonus programs. This way, you can maximize your chances of winning and make the most out of your gambling adventure.

In conclusion, uncovering the latest trends in new online casinos is vital for finding recommended platforms that offer exciting and secure gambling experiences. Consider the trends of gamification, mobile compatibility, cryptocurrency integration, live casino evolution, and personalized bonuses when selecting a new online casino in 2023. So, embrace innovation, prioritize player safety, and find recommended new casinos that align with your gaming preferences. With the right choice, you’ll embark on a thrilling online gambling journey like no other!

Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the world of online casinos responsibly. Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes.

Pussy Riot Creator Nadya Tolokonnikova Arrested In Absentia For Her Art

Today, Moscow Times reports that Nadya Tolokonnikova has been arrested in absentia for her dissident artwork against Putin.

This follows the March 29, 2023, Meduza and AP reports that Nadya Tolokonnikova was added to Russia’s federal wanted list. The law deals specifically with “hurting the religious feelings” of people in Russia. In 2012, Tolokonnikova was charged with “hooliganism”, however the courts wished to broaden their ability to prosecute cases like this, so they created the “religious feelings” law, or the “Pussy Riot Law” as it came to be known.

In response to the arrest, Tolokonnikova states, “Today the clown russian courts arrested me even though I was not there – for my art once again.

Luckily freedom of expression is still allowed and even celebrated in some parts of the world – so this criminal artwork is going to a few museums. I want to show Russia they cannot silence or intimidate me, every time they try to do so, I will only reply with more volume and rage.

First for a special installation of Putin’s Ashes at Dallas Contemporary on Dec 8, the work will be shown on a 100 foot projection wall. The video was shot alongside members of Pussy Riot who came together from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the US who collectively put their malice and grief into the ritual demise of Putin.

And I am proud to announce my first solo museum show in Europe coming in June of 2024 – exploring Siberia, art collectives Voina and Pussy Riot, Putin’s Ashes, and the purgatory of my life as a criminal artist and activist. Details to be announced in the coming week.”

Putin’s Ashes was originally shown at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in Los Angeles in February 2023, and Container Gallery in June 2023.

Conceptual performance artist and activist Nadya Tolokonnikova is the creator of Pussy Riot, a global feminist protest art movement. Today, hundreds of people identify as a part of the Pussy Riot community. She was sentenced in 2012 to 2 years’ imprisonment following an anti-Putin performance. Went through a hunger strike protesting savage prison conditions and ended up being sent far away to a Siberian penal colony, where she managed to maintain her artistic activity and with her prison punk band she made a tour around Siberian labor camps. Published a book “Read and riot: Pussy Riot’s guide to activism”.

Co-founder of independent news service and media outlet, Mediazona, she has spoken before the US Congress, British Parliament, European Parliament, appeared as herself on season 3 of House of Cards.

Pussy Riot’s “Punk-prayer” was named by The Guardian among the best art pieces of the 21st century (“feminist, explicitly anti-Putin, protesting the banning of gay pride and the Orthodox church’s support of the president”), collaborated with Bansky on his “Dismaland” exhibition, endorsed by Marina Abramovic and Ai Weiwei, gallery shows at London’s Saatchi gallery & Jeffrey Deitch’s LA gallery.

Pussy Riot stands for gender fluidity, inclusivity, matriarchy, love, laughter, decentralization, anarchy, and anti-authoritarianism.