Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors

Have you ever wondered how your favorite books were written? The writers must have spent endless hours conceptualizing the characters and events that leave you sleepless on rainy nights.

Everybody loves reading books (or watching the movies based on them), but we rarely dig deeper into the work of the writers we admire. What is the first scene that comes to your mind when you imagine a contemporary author working on their novels? A powerful laptop and a peaceful coffee shop, perhaps? Wrong!

You would be surprised that most writers don’t appreciate high-tech devices as much as we do. Some of their writing methods are traditional, whereas others are a proof that a person with such extraordinary imagination cannot work in a usual way.

When you think of it this way, maybe we should all reach out to a piece of paper and a pen from times to times? You wouldn’t mind doing that if your pen was as cool as Neil Gaiman’s exceptional writing gadget. And if you have an old typewriter lying around somewhere in your home, do not get rid of it by any means! Someone could still use it.

From Mark Twain to everyone’s favorite George R.R. Martin, here is what some of the most famous writers used to produce their works!


Via NinjaEssays