Amanda Palmer races to $13,000 per release in Patreon crowdfunding

From The Guardian:

Every time US musician Amanda Palmer releases a new song, video or long-form piece of writing, she’ll earn more than a total of $13,000 from her 1,400 backers on crowdfunding site Patreon, making her one of the site’s most popular creators.

It took just over 14 hours for the musician to reach that figure after launching her profile on the US-based site, with her fans pledging to pay an average of $9.28 each whenever she releases a new piece of content to her “patron-only” feed.

Palmer famously raised $1.2m in 2012 from fans on Kickstarter to fund the release of her last album, plus an art book and tour. She’s now shifting her efforts to Patreon, with its model of regular, smaller payments from fans to support the work of creators.