What Goes Into Making a Record Store Day Release ‘Official’

From Diffuser:

The “unofficial” misnomer disrespects the amazing releases that could only happen on Record Store Day. I refer to the U2 12″ with new songs, the Foo Fighters covers album, live EPs recorded at record stores, Jaco Pastorius’ early recordings, the Buck Owens coloring book, all sorts of insanity from the Flaming Lips, The Grey Album (just kidding, but that seriously needs to happen), resurrected psych and classic hip-hop gems, Heatmiser cassettes — not to mention the releases that made you drool and the incredible titles that will be announced.

We have always wanted unique releases, and our ideas about what makes something stand out has evolved. For example, Ryan Adams’ ongoing inexpensive 7″ series means a label better have a very good reason for releasing a 7″ for $12-$15. Sundazed earned that right with rare music and excellent mastering and pressing. A mid-tier rock artist’s 7″ on black vinyl containing two currently available songs no longer excites people, so we always ask if they can find an unreleased track for the B-side.

Price is a concern as well. Sometimes we think box sets are too expensive so we request that they be simplified to bring the cost down. We usually find middle ground, but there was one cassette this year that everyone felt was far too expensive. It will be released on a different day so those who want it will be able to get it. We don’t like to actually veto titles.

Demand for colored vinyl has changed, too. It used to be a big RSD draw. Now that “every day is Record Store Day” and we have a pile of exclusive or nearly exclusive colored vinyl every Tuesday, it’s a little less special.