Music Managers Release Statement on ‘Fair Play Fair Pay’ US Radio Bill

American terrestrial radio has never paid performance royalties for master use. A number of attempts have been made to change this over the years but the radio lobby always wins out. Click here for the outreach document about the latest attempts.

The Music Managers Forum have released a statement on the US Radio Bill ‘Fair Play Fair Pay’:

Music is one of the most important social, emotional, artistic, and cultural forces in human society. It affects each and every one of us, every single day – from the smallest of personal moments and feelings to the largest and most vital arenas of social change.

Music is also a business and, for many, a job. And for too long the rules governing the economics of music have been stacked against those of who create it – from Top 40 superstars to garage bands hoping to break through and everyone in between.

We applaud Representatives Jerry Nadler and Marsha Blackburn for introducing the Fair Play Fair Pay Act of 2015, and we thank all of their colleagues who have lent their support to this landmark effort to make the rules for the use of musical recordings more just and fair.

We love radio in all its forms and are proud to partner with terrestrial, Internet, and satellite music services in many different ways. We admire their innovation and support their growing success. In our view, this legislation will make those partnerships stronger, healthier, more lasting, and more fair. We encourage all our fans and everyone who loves music to support this legislation.