A GREAT Gift For The Music Lover – Hand-Painted Vinyl Records Of Your Fave Artists

Are you looking for a way to preserve and celebrate your tangible memory of music? Do you want to give a music lover something you know they don’t have but that they’ll want? Check out the Vinyl Art creations by Daniel Edlen Painted by hand with white acrylic directly on record albums, portraits of musicians and entertainers celebrate their creative contributions.

Building on my background in sculpture and rapidograph dot drawings, Daniel uses the unique canvas of the LP to create dramatic compositions that spark conversations. Is that a real record? Is that on the record? Is it done with a computer? Is it still playable?

According to Wikipedia and the art community, acrylic paint will not crack or yellow. The paint sticks surprisingly well to the vinyl, getting into the grooves. You’d have to scratch it to damage it. You can even send him an album to use.