VIDEO: 100 Guitars Turns Into Nearly 1,000 Playing ONCE Film’s “Falling Slowly”

Last week, April 23, 2015, an historic event took place at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. Around midday, 926 people with guitars packed the orchestra level of the theatre and together with cast members of ONCE performed the show’s Oscar-winning song, “Falling Slowly.”

Young and old, professional and amateur, students and doctors and lawyers and teachers and clergy, all were brought together by the magic and power of music. Just as the characters in ONCE are transformed through music, so too was this diverse crowd of people.

Led by the show’s leading man, Ian Lake, and conducted by Brandon McGibbon, who plays Svec, the crowd performed the song three times. To hear their beautiful playing and singing sent shivers up the spines of all listening. To paraphrase the song’s lyrics, they raised hopeful voices and made it now. Falling slowly, they sang the melody and we all sung along.

ONCE continues performances at the Ed Mirvish Theatre until June 28, 2015.