q Host Shad On Racism In Canada

Do you think as a (Canadian) society we’ve taken on this mantra of implicit intolerance especially when it comes to race and culture?

I think there’s been a disturbing regression in terms of our values on multiculturalism and accepting each other. If you were to go elsewhere in the world and ask about Canada it wouldn’t be the same answer they’d give you twenty years ago.

I think we have beautiful values in Canada where we don’t have to be under just one religion or culture and I don’t think it’s one we should ever abandon.

At the same time I feel like we haven’t pushed forward the values we’d like to think define us. And I say that specifically towards our policies towards immigrants, refugees, temporary migrant worker and not to mention indigenous issues. I think when we look at what’s going on in America by comparison we sit there and say yeah we live in a society where we take care of each other a bit better but I don’t think it’s by much. – Shad, Aux