Watch: Kendrick Lamar Goes Head To Head With Tupac In This New Video

Kendrick Lamar versus Tupac Shakur by konbini

On ‘Mortal Man‘, the closing track of To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar transforms a vintage Tupac interview into a spliced-up fictional interview between ‘Pac and himself.

It makes sense: both rappers pushed forward a distinctive West Coast sound, years ahead of their time. Both rep similar spiritual principles and the same Compton background. At one point, K Dot even claimed to have dreamt that Tupac came to him, telling him to carry on his name.

So Konbini decided to get the two musicians in dialogue with each other, using classic ‘Pac archival footage and an exclusive interview with the ‘King Kunta’ rappers. For the first time, Tupac and Kendrick come face to face on issues like self-respect, women, and hip-hop’s social responsibility. Check out the 15-minute interview above.

Via Konbini