So, HAS Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Ever Poured Sugar On Someone? Yup.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was at Q103 radio station in Albany, New York recently and was asked if he has ever poured sugar on anyone. Joe responded:

“No. But when the [Def Leppard] song [‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’] first came out… It [was] kind of a ‘mishit,’ really. When it first went to radio in 1987, it kind of got ignored, but in 1988, it took off again. And then it became the most important song on the record and we started shifting silly amounts of records and tickets and stuff, and by then, the song was, like, top of the charts, and people were throwing packets of sugar at us on stage. I mean, it was like trying to avoid shrapnel. It was kind of comical, really.

“Actually, I think once we did a competition, in fairness… I’m just thinking now, ’cause you catch me cold with questions like that. I think we once had a competition backstage to actually pour, like, a pound of sugar over some poor girl’s head who had been saturated in hot water. It was written in the contract that it had to be done, no doubt. So, yeah, I think maybe about 25 years ago, we did it at one time.

“She seemed to enjoy it, from what I can remember. You know, sugar is better than coal. [Laughs]”

Here’s the original song and still great video. Gotta give props to a band who wears their own concert tour shirts on stage. Love IS like a bomb, baby, come and get it on.