4 Great Covers From Punk-Rock Related Slash Magazine

Slash was a punk rock-related fanzine published by Steve Samiof and Melanie Nissen in the United States from 1977 to 1980. The magazine was a large-format tabloid focused on the Los Angeles punk scene, and the fanzine also gave birth to Slash Records, an important punk record label. Slash magazine folded in 1980, as many of the main principals involved were increasingly concentrating on other activities. Bob Biggs was more involved in running the label; many of the writers were concentrating on their own musical activities. In addition, there was a widespread perception that punk rock was dying, as movements such as post-punk, hardcore, and deathrock were emerging while many of the original Los Angeles punk bands (such as The Germs and The Weirdos) were breaking up, and in such a changing environment Slash had essentially served its purpose.