SoundCloud Confirms That It Will Have Subscription Service Later This Year

Last month, leaked documents revealed that the music distribution platform SoundCloud has plans to join Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and the others to feature its own multitiered subscription service. SoundCloud co-founder and CTO Eric Wahlforss has officially confirmed these rumors, revealing that the platform will launch its subscription service later this year.

While Wahlforss refused to give up any details of the subscription service, according to the leak, the first tier would provide an ad-free experience for subscribers, with the ability to listen to audio and download a limited amount of music. The second tier, dubbed “SoundCloud Full Catalog Subscription Service,” would then give subscribers the ability to have unlimited access to its music.

SoundCloud has more than 100 million tracks, and is especially popular among the electronic dance music genre since many DJs are known to release mixes on this platform. In comparison, Spotify has just over 30 million songs, and Tidal has 30 million songs and 75,000 high-quality videos.

Via TechTimes