Robert Christgau Brings His Long-Running “Expert Witness” Column to Noisey

Today, Noisey is excited to announce that the one-and-only Robert Christgau has signed on to be a weekly columnist for Noisey, VICE’s music and culture site. The self-proclaimed “Dean of American Rock Critics” will be continuing his long-running Expert Witness column on the site, reviewing notable albums for the site every Friday.

His reviews have long been the gold standard for American music criticism, inspiring countless writers and critics to follow in his footsteps. Since starting as a columnist for Esquire in 1967, Chrstgau has written over 14,000 reviews and listened to thousands of hours of music.

His reviews have occasionally earned him the ire of his subjects; Lou Reed famously slandered him on stage after a bad review, and Sonic Youth once wrote a song about killing him. Writing in his column for Noisey, Christgau says, “It’s only my opinion, but it’s an exceptionally well informed and, I hope, pungent and idea-filled opinion.”

Read Robert Christgau’s first column for Noisey, including his thoughts on Miguel, Sam Smith, and more here:

“We’re extremely honored to be the new home for Expert Witness,” says Managing Editor Eric Sunderman. “Noisey is a publication that prides itself on taking risks by tackling the strange corners of the music world, and Christgau’s addition is just another way we’ll continue doing that. I just hope Thurston Moore doesn’t subtweet us.”

Christgau’s column first appeared in The Village Voice in 1969, originally appearing as The Consumer Guide. In 2010 Christgau brought his column to MSN where he renamed it “Expert Witness,” and until recently the column found its home at Cuepoint/Medium.

Look forward to new installments of “Expert Witness,” every Friday only on Noisey.