Selena Gomez’s Advice For Wanna-Be Singers

Selena Gomez had a bit of revelation recently when it came to singing, and it’s pretty good advice for any beginning singer or YouTube future star, who keep wanting to hit every note in the scale in the same line all the time. Selena is now hitting her stride, vocals-wise, and she figured how she sounds best and playing to her strengths.

“For ‘Good for You’ I wanted to find my sweet spot, if you will. I know that maybe vocally I wouldn’t be the greatest singer in the world, but I know my strengths now. I know that I can translate emotion and heart, and I’ve written more than I’ve ever written on any album for this record. I have a lot to prove, but I think, for instance, this song is totally in my register. It’s smoky and fun and sexy.”

Quote via Billboard