Some Vinyl Copies Of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’ Are Really Baltimore Shoegazing Band Wldhoney

A number of Lana Del Rey fans have been surprised recently to find their copy of 2012’s Born To Die contains the wrong piece of wax.

Instead of Del Rey’s sophomore LP, customers are playing Baltimore shoegaze band Wildhoney’s 2015 debut Sleep Through It.

YouTube user johnny herrera jr was among those affected, but wasn’t upset at the mistake — “I really enjoyed what I was hearing,” he wrote on a video showing the mishap, saying he decided to keep the Wildhoney album after all.

Deranged Records founder Gordon Dufresne, who released the Wildhoney album, told Baltimore’s City Paper, “This happened due to a mix up with the stampers at the plant – small mistake with huge implications. To be fair to the plant in question, this sort of mistake has occurred with other projects at other plants but it’s typically caught before it has a chance to get into the ends of customers/fans.”

Via Billboard