There Were 3,000 Albums Uploaded To Spotify Last Week. Read That Again.

I’m really tired of people complaining there’s nothing good coming out in the music industry. No real artists anymore. Well, you’re not looking hard enough.

Every week, music makers unleash thousands of new recordings on the world, most of which has yet to be reviewed, blogged about, analyzed, or even heard beyond their inner circle. If you’re excited by the freshest sounds the world has to offer, you’ve already found out how hard that is, especially if you’re looking for a particular kind of music. Named for the hat in the Harry Potter books and films, Spotify’s New Release Sorting Hat can help.

This week, there were over 3,000 albums uploaded to Spotify. 3,000! And Spotify is helping you sift through them all.

This “experimental attempt at an algorithmic organization of the week’s new releases,” as it’s described by creator and Spotify data alchemist Glenn McDonald, takes a fresh approach to the problem, with powerful implications for music fans who want to explore brand new music each week, delight their ears, and impress their friends by always seeming to be first to the party — in just about any genre.

To hear each week’s new releases sorted by genre, bookmark, share, and repeatedly visit Spotify’s New Release Sorting Hat, which updates each Friday (the new global release date) with the latest music to appear on the service.

Look at just a small portion of this week.


Now tell me there’s nothing new to check out.