The Ultimate Christmas Gift For The Music Fan And Reader

33 1/3 is a brilliant series of short books about popular music, focusing on individual albums by artists ranging from James Brown to Celine Dion and from J Dilla to Neutral Milk Hotel. Each album covered in the series occupies such a specific place in music history, so each book-length treatment is different. Jonathan Lethem, Colin Meloy, Daphne Brooks, Carl Wilson and Gina Arnold are just some of the authors who have contributed to the series so far. Widely acclaimed by fans, musicians and scholars alike, 33 1/3 celebrated its 10th anniversary with the publication of the 100th volume in September of 2014. This boxed set includes the first 100 volumes published in the series and is a must-have for all serious music lovers and record collectors. I counted today, and I have 65 of them, so this has my seal of approval and consider it the Greatest Hits of Greatest Hits.

You can buy it now for under $1500.00 here.