Remember View-Master? Take A Look At What It’s Like Now With Virtual Reality

Remember the View-Master? That red device purchased with “reels”, the thin cardboard disks containing seven stereoscopic 3-D pairs of small color photographs on film?

The View-Master system was introduced in 1939, four years after the advent of Kodachrome color film made the use of small high-quality photographic color images practical. Tourist attraction and travel views predominated in View-Master’s early lists of available reels, most of which were meant to be interesting to users of all ages.


Well, it’s been updated.

Step into an amazing virtual world with just three items: a View-Master viewer, an Experience Pack, and your compatible iOS or Android smartphone.

Then follow these few easy steps: Download and launch the Experience Pack app, which is available on the App Store or Google Play Store. Take your Pass Card, which is included in each Experience Pack, and scan on your smartphone to unlock the Experience. Then open your viewer, slide in your smartphone, take the viewer and look through it at the reel.