The Tel Aviv Nightclub Where Israelis and Palestinians Dance Together

In addition to founding his own own label, Malka Tuti, in June, Asaf Samuel has recently become a resident and creative member of Tel Aviv’s most important club, The Block—located in the basement of a bus station in the center of the city, and home to programming aiming to bring Israelis and Palestinians together on the dance floor.

In your club TAHAT you regularly host events featuring Arabian electronic music. How present is the conflict between Israel and Palestine in your everyday life?
First of all, that’s like my favorite genre—the slower the better! We do believe that everything we do can make a difference. We can break another brick from this “wall of hate” that our governments are building. Bringing Israeli and Arabic people together and letting them dance to Arabic music in an Israeli club literally lets you feel how something is changing right before your eyes. Maybe it’s happening slowly and subliminally, but it’s happening. Tel Aviv might be some kind of a bubble, but I think that it could be more influential than it seems.

Via Vice