The Beatles “holy grail” record sells for $110k

Well, congratulations to the anonymous bidder of the rare and historically important Beatles record sold at auction today for $110,000. The 78 RPM 10″ acetate includes “Hello Little Girl,” arguably the first song John Lennon ever recorded and the flip side of “Til There Was You” went for the price of a few cars. Take a listen below. The Beatles manager Brian Epstein handwrote the label on this particular record that now belongs to an unnamed buyer. I’m going to guess Jack White or Paul McCartney. Just a hunch.

From Omega Auctions:

This unique 10″ 78RPM acetate record featuring ‘Hello Little Girl’ on one side and ‘Til There Was You’ on the other was cut in the Personal Recording Department of the HMV record store on Oxford St, London. Brian Epstein had the disc cut from the Decca audition tapes before presenting it to George Martin (EMI) on 13th February 1962 in his desperate attempt to get them a recording contract. This meeting, despite Martin’s initial reticence, was to eventually lead to the breakthrough they were looking for. The disc was later given to The Fourmost to record their own version of Hello Little Girl (recorded 3 July 1963) and then to Les Maguire of Gerry & The Pacemakers (recorded Hello Little Girl 17th July 1963). This is the first time it has come to the marketplace, having been tucked away in Maguire’s loft until now. Epstein’s handwriting on the labels reads as follows: side 1 Hullo Little Girl, John Lennon & The Beatles, Lennon,McCartney’ and side 2 ‘Til’ There Was You Paul McCartney & The Beatles’. It has been played through once when digitally recorded at BBC studios and it played through well with crackle but no skips or jumps.