Meghan Trainor is going to tour one small place in Canada, and you can choose which one

Today, the AIR MILES Reward Program kicked off AIR MILES DETOUR, a new music program that will be rewarding one lucky community in Canada with an incredible once-in-a-lifetime live music performance, featuring Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Meghan Trainor.

No stranger to large stadiums, the ‘All About That Bass’ singer is set to rock music fans in a location that isn’t usually frequented by touring A-list artists. This summer, AIR MILES DETOUR will highlight five music-loving communities that deserve to win an epic concert experience. In the end, one will be chosen to host Meghan Trainor for what is sure to be an unforgettable performance.

The winning community will be selected by AIR MILES Collectors across the country. Starting today, Collectors can go online to register for one of the five communities in the running. Beginning May 1, every AIR MILES Reward Mile collected at participating Partners will count as one vote for their chosen community. Collectors who pre-register, beginning today until April 30, will also get five bonus votes. Voting ends on May 31, 2016 and will be tabulated to reveal the winning community later this summer.

Throughout the program, along with thousands of Bonus Miles that are up for grabs, Collectors will also have the chance to win one of five VIP DETOUR concert experiences in the winning community. When Collectors register online and use the VIP coupons, they will get an entry for every VIP coupon used. The concert is scheduled to take place later in the summer. ­

The five communities vying for the votes of Canadians are:

  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: A tight-knit community with a roaring live music history
    Starting in the Roaring ’20s, Moose Jaw’s vibrant live music scene echoed from countless venues, big and small, including the historic River Street district. To this day, music is still ingrained in the local culture; it binds a tight-knit community that rallies around both local artists and big names who have created a strong tie between Moose Jaw and the larger Canadian music scene. There is a strong following for many different types of live music in the city, which even hosts Canada’s longest-running electronic music festival each year.
  • Morin-Heights, Quebec: A legendary recording hub paves the way for a tradition of musical culture
    Nestled in the Laurentians, this cozy ski town played an important role in Rock N’ Roll history. The vein of live music started running through Morin-Heights in the 30s and 40s and thrived in the 70s and 80s when locals played music all the time and made the community a happening place to be. Many international artists passed through over the years and laid down tracks at Le Studio, a historic recording studio that played host to the likes of David Bowie, Rush, Chicago and the Bee Gees. Locals have countless stories of interacting with legends, like Keith Richards and Sting, while they were in town. Le Studio is no longer operational, but the magic still lives on in the community; it’s a vibrant hub for producers, directors and musical artists who continue to hone the tradition of musical culture through the generations.
  • Mulmur, Ontario: Home to a historic music festival and tranquil inspiration
    As counter culture was alive and well in the late 60s and 70s, this town of only a few thousand people welcomed tens of thousands each year for the Freak Out Festival, Canada’s answer to Woodstock, to hear The Guess Who, Lighthouse and more play at historic Rock Hill Park. The grounds were closed to concerts a decade later, but the essence of music lives on. Surrounded by tranquil, natural settings, music is experienced in a very intimate way within the community; in homes, small pubs and churches. The beauty and serenity of the township provides a space for musicians and artists to create and connect with themselves and their music away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.
  • Nelson, British Columbia: Where community, music and peace of mind come together
    Nelson is a unique community that has drawn in arts and culture lovers seeking peace of mind since the hippie scene of the 1960s. People of all ages have made the conscious choice to move to this picturesque place and music has been one of the biggest unifying threads among them for decades. With local talent playing every genre of music, no matter what you like, you can go out and find live music to enjoy any night of the week. Each spring and summer, Nelson and the surrounding areas also host numerous music and arts festivals, keeping the region’s music culture alive.
  • Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia: Music Flows through its veins
    A hardworking community with heartwarming unity, Port Hawkesbury’s culture is rooted in local musical expression. With reportedly more fiddlers per capita than anywhere in the world, you won’t have to look far to find someone who can play an instrument. Outdoor venues like the Granville Green provide local artists with a chance to make their mark on the live music scene, while traditional Celtic kitchen parties keep locals on their feet, laughing and enjoying the company of friends.

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