Ticketmaster, Eventbrite confirmed to sell tickets through Facebook

Following Facebook’s announcement in December that it would start selling concert tickets directly through its event pages via a ‘buy tickets’ button, the social media behemoth has signed up its first two ticketing partners: Ticketmaster and Eventbrite.

The former will start selling event tickets on Facebook by the end of April as part of an agreement that will see it pay the social network an affiliate fee for each ticket it sells, while Eventbrite will pilot a similar scheme but will not pay any fees for the duration of the trial period.

According to DigitalGov, Americans using mobile devices spend 87 per cent of their time in apps versus just 13 per cent in browsers (browsing, for example, the Ticketmaster or Eventbrite website) – and 50 per cent of their time in their most-used app and 78 per cent in their three favourite apps – so it’s obvious why the ticket agencies want a piece of what will be for many their most-used mobile app.