How music helps the dating world

Many studies and researches are performed to find what make people fall in love with each other, what traits are most attractive and what kind of profiles on dating sites have more chances to be viewed and will lead to a real date and maybe long-term relationship. Certainly, physiologists and professors do not work hard in vain. Thanks to their effort we know some secrets of how to behave, start communicating and which information to give about yourself. But I guess there is a special group of people who do not care of any findings. The only thing they need know about a person to get along with him/her is music compatibility. These people are music lovers; they cannot imagine their life without listening to their favorite band and singer.  In case your music tastes coincide, nothing more matters for them.

I was surprised to know that people loving music so much had sparked interest from scientists and had been studied by them.  So, now we have scientific proofs why music lovers are special folks. You can freely use them in arguing with a person saying that music lovers are one-track people (music is meant under the track surely). Let’s see how powerful music is.

  • Our brain consists of grey matter and white matter. The first one is in charge of emotions, memory, decision-making, speech, self-control, information processing, hearing, seeing and so on. As studies revealed this important substance likes music. Its volume increases thanks to music listening. The older we are, the less grey matter gets. So if your boyfriend/girlfriend is a music lover, you can’t worry about his/her intellectual health in future.
  • If you spend a lot of time with music-addict partners, you are likely to notice them bobing their head in time with the song. They catch the rhythm easily and fast. This ability is very helpful in learning languages. All you need to do is just to inspire them to learn it. You can be sure their progress in mastering it will be faster than others’ one.
  • One doesn’t often come up with lovers of classical music. They can boast of higher IQ level than the lovers of rock and pop music. Unfortunately, there is no information about whose IQ is higher, classical musician’s one or a composer’s one. It is reliable known that the last one is more popular with women.
  • Music is a great healer. Listening to your favorite compositions helps to overcome stress and anxiety. Music is a bunch cheaper than any antidepressants. The positive side effect of music is that it saves money and cares of your health. Music in our ears while we are running boosts our energy and invigorates us. Running with music is faster and better than just outdoor running.
  • A bonus of living with a music lover who constantly listens to music is faster growing plants. Cows like music too and gives more milk. Surely, the advice to get a cow would be ridiculous, though, the idea to have more plants is quite good.

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