What’s Better Than WayHome? WayCamp!

Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at WayHome and immediately start having an awesome time? If your answer is yes, then they’ve got the thing for you; one word – WayCamp.IMG_5337-1-min

WayCamp, hosted by Fido is an upgraded and souvenir filled experience. Your WayCamp tent will be fully equipped with two air mattresses, two sleeping bags, two pillows, one solar light and one lock. The best part is… you get to keep it all!

Have you ever missed one of your favourite artists at the festival because of your location? Having a WayCamp site gives you a primespot close to all of the WayHome stages. Being that close gives you the option to be first for each show and steps away from artists like The Killers or LCD Soundsystem.

Buy your WayCamp package here and have more time to explore the mystical Burl’s Creek grounds, the stellar music, the delectable food and the wicked ArtWalk.

More info on WayCamp, hosted by Fido here