VEVO, with another revamp, wants to be the Vice of music videos

Vevo in Thursday launched a sleeker app — its second revamp in less than a year — that adds firepower for personalized recommendations, puts artists on greater display and aims to hone the edge to its original content.”This a big bet,” Erik Huggers, the CEO of Vevo, said in an interview Thursday. “There is a real opportunity beyond…just dropping a song or video in a playlist.”

Vevo’s new app introduces a video player that favors “vertical” viewing, the way most people naturally hold their phones.

The revamp is the latest attempt by Vevo to establish its own identity apart from the little logo in the corner of YouTube’s most popular videos. Vevo is a bedrock for music videos on the internet. It offers 200,000 official music videos that draw 18 billion views a month globally on its popular YouTube channel and its own site and app.