The importance of streaming playlists on Spotify? A billion plays per week, $1 million to the music biz per day

The growing importance of streaming playlists on Spotify is highlighted in a fascinating new feature on Buzzfeed, which also reveals/reiterates some killer stats about the format, including:

  • Half of Spotify’s 100 million-plus global users are listening to its human-curated playlists – not counting the algorithm-driven Discover Weekly;
  • Spotify currently employs a 50-person human curation team which has created over 4,500 playlists, more than 30 of which have over 1 million followers;
  • Spotify’s playlists cumulatively generate more than a billion plays per week;
  • According to estimates 1 in every 5 plays on all streaming services today happens inside a playlist – a number that’s growing.

The Music Business Worldwide site estimates that Spotify’s first-party playlists alone are generating around $1m in payouts to the music business every single day.

Earlier this year, Spotify revealed its ten most popular playlists, which you can see below.

  1. Today’s Top Hits
  2. Rap Caviar
  3. Baila Reggaeton
  4. Hot Country
  5. TGIF
  6. Get Turnt
  7. Hot Hits UK
  8. Exitos de Hoy
  9. ElectroNow
  10. Teen Party