Watch How Drugs Fueled and Ravaged Seventies Music

The adage “sex, drugs and rock & roll” can best be used describe the music scene in the Seventies, an era where all genres were fueled by everything from alcohol and marijuana to cocaine and Quaaludes. The third installment of 1973: Shaping the Culture delves into the influence – both creative and destructive – drugs had on the music scene.

“Music is affected by the drugs you take, which is completely accurate,” journalist Legs McNeil says. “When you’re taking cocaine and drinking, you’re doing something, when you’re doing heroin … There’s definitely different vibes to different music. Which is why the Grateful Dead suck so much. Wrong drugs, yeah.” Writer Fran Lebowitz adds, “We thought these things were good for you. Drugs, good for you. Like orange juice. What could be better for you than drugs?”