Watch Phil Collins, ‘Hamilton’ Star Leslie Odom Jr. and Phil’s Son Perform “Easy Lover” and “In The Air Tonight”

Phil Collins appeared at the opening of the US Open tennis tournament on Monday night to play a two-song set that featured a duet with Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. on “Easy Lover,” the hit that featured Philip Bailey on the original 1984 recording. Nerve damage prevents Collins from playing drums anymore, so his 15-year-old son Nicholas took the kit and, reports Rolling Stone, played “one of the most famous drum fills in rock history with ease.”

The set wrapped after just two songs, but Collins is releasing his long-awaited memoir on October 25th that he’ll support with a promotional book tour. He’s revealed no firm plans for a new album or comeback tour, but much of his old band reunited for the US Open. His drummer may still have a few years of high school left to complete, but hopefully that won’t impede any road work. “My kids were in nappies when I was last on the road,” he told Rolling Stone last year. “They love my music and I’d like to take them out so they can enjoy it.”

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