Record Label In A Box has everything you need to set up and run a successful record label as a business

Record Label In A Box is a kit that comes with everything an artist or an upstart entrepreneur would need to start their own record label and dive head first into the music industry. The product comes in an actual physical box, as the name would suggest, which contains a notebook, a few pieces of paper and a USB stick. It may not look powerful at first, but the information stored on that thumb drive and online, is where the true value lies.

Depending on which package a consumer opts to buy, one of these boxes contains access to business services and online resources, all of which are necessary to creating a new company right. Buying into Record Label In A Box comes with ISRC codes needed to sell music legitimately, help distributing an album to hundreds of digital storefronts, contracts that have been drawn up by legal teams and that can be signed without the need to hire a lawyer, an online site that shows up-to-date analytics about how certain tracks or collections are performing, the ability to register for the Billboard charts, calendars and lists of opportunities, and plenty of other valuable features. Ditto can also register an LLC if needed, and the company follows up on all customers once a month to see how the record label is progressing and to see if anything else is needed to help the business succeed.