Want to build a career in music? Get this book.

A follow-up to the successful A Career in Music: the other 12 step program, A Career in Music: building your inner circle focuses on how to build your team as an artist. “A Career in Music: building your inner circle” answers the questions: How do I get a manager, a booking agent, a record label, a publisher, a producer and other important people and companies to help my career? How do these business relationships work? What do the contracts look like?

This book will help aspiring recording artists to surround themselves with the right people and companies to move their careers forward.

After over two decades in the Canadian music business, Bob D’Eith has learned a lot about how independent artists have succeeded or failed. This book delves into the basic tools that every independent artist should have in today’s complicated and ever changing music industry. More than ever before, artists are being expected to develop themselves. That means understanding many parts of the business both traditional and cutting edge.