The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn on The Power Of Music and Finding Hope

You have some extremely devoted fans. What’s it like for you to be at the center of this feeling that people have for your music?
Crag Finn: I think, in my life, I’ve found solace in music a lot. I remember in eighth grade having a really tough time, just because that’s a time when you do [Laughs], and hearing the Replacements’ “Sixteen Blue” and feeling like it’s going to be okay. There’s this idea that someone else is out there who understands or that the world is maybe bigger than wherever you are at the time. It feels good because I’ve been on the other side of that.

You alluded to something earlier about how in the current climate, even the act of being kind to other people is political.
Crag Finn: I think one of the most beautiful things you see all the time in New York is when a woman is in the subway and needs to get her stroller up the stairs, and some guy comes up, and they won’t even really talk, and they just grab it, and in this small act of cooperation, you can find a lot of hope and a lot of goodness.