Call of Interest: CIMA Showcase and Business Mission to Japan 2017

CIMA will be returning to Tokyo for its fourth mission to Japan in October 2017 and plans on participating in the Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM), part of the Japan Content Showcase, a multi-content market featuring music, film, TV and anime that attracts influential buyers from Asia and other world markets.

CIMA will host the Canada Stand as an exhibitor to connect with TIMM delegates as well as undertake B2B activities (meetings/showcases/reception) and we are looking for 8-12 Canadian companies who are interested in connecting and developing important relationships in the second largest music market in the world. The opportunity is also open to 8 showcasing artists. CIMA will also be working with the Canadian Embassy in Japan for a B2B event and showcase.

Further details as well as an application form will be sent out in the coming weeks. If you are interested in attending or have any questions regarding CIMA’s Business and Showcase mission to Japan in October please contact Trisha Carter (Music Export Manager) at
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